Do You Want to Know the 8 Tips to Selling More Products?

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So often sales men and woman are the very people that prevent themselves from obtaining additional sales and increasing their commissions. It doesn't matter if it's counter sales or door-to-door.

They get caught up in the newest method or someone's latest spin on how to get their customers to buy. What most forget is that sales is a process of developing long term customer relationships.

For 36 years I have been selling to the public. I've sold just about everything you can sell. In all those years, I've learned that selling simply comes down to 8 simple steps, that has always increased my sales and drives customers back for more.

1. I know my products well. You want your knowledge of the product to be almost second nature. You never want to flinch in front of a prospect. Any hesitation could cost you a sale.

2. I always ask questions of my prospects so they can tell me what they want. I want them to open up to me. You really don't need some planned out sales pitch to get the customer interested. Customers love to talk about themselves. So encourage them to keep on talking. The more they talk about themselves the more you know what it is they are truly looking for. They will begin to think you know more about them than they do.

3. I listen intently. I'm not preoccupied with what I have to say! I have seen to many sales people listen but will not pay attention to what is being said. They were to busy thinking of how to sell their product. If you know your product well, then you will be preoccupied with your prospect.

4. I know I won't sell to everybody so I don't sweat it. You will be turned down more times than you can imagine. It's nothing personal it just goes with the territory.

5. "No" means right now! Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month and not next year. Customers change their minds all the time. That particular person who turned you down last week may have a different consideration next month. So don't write them off.

6. You have to be persistent. Knowing that "No" is not a permanent decision, is the very reason you stay the course and never quit. I had a client place a large order with me after nearly 9 months of phone calls and canceled appointments. Had I not been persistent my competition would have swooped in and made the sale.

7. I plan my work and work my plan. Get up early and focus on what you need to do today and today only. Do not concern yourself with tomorrow. It will come and bring with it a whole set of situations of it's own. Then begin implementing your work that you've planned for the day.

8. Work smarter, not harder. There are so many ways to do this. Here is just one way I did it. I wanted to drive more people to my website: Instead of contacting people I knew, I decided to put out a press release. It was about something my business did and how it helped others around Christmas time. Within hours of it's release, my phone started ringing with inquiries and people placing orders. My only effort was writing the press release. The company I submitted it to did the rest.

Remember, even though we live in fast paced times you are still selling to individuals. People still have wants, needs and desires met. In thousands of years it has never changed. The only thing people want from you is for you to listen closely to them. They have a problem and simply want you to solve it for them, but only after you learn what it is. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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