How Many Ways Do You Have To Justify Your Price?

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If you were selling a mansion, and you were selling it for 25 cents, some wiseacre would inevitably respond, "It costs too much."

When that happens, are you prepared?

As an excercise, make a list of 20 "reasons why" your services are worth your fees.

Why is life better with your offer? Have you done extensive research or development? How many years of experience do you and your team bring to the table? What would happen if they DON'T take you up on your offer? (What would they "lose"?) What are things "You Get" by purchasing from us? How are your clients protected when they purchase from you? (Do you have a guarantee?)

What are the bonuses you include? How long do you support the sale?

Do you include "extras" that your competitors don't include?

Make up an extensive list, on paper, or into a tape recorder.

Brainstorm with your salespeople, your staff, your best customers, and your vendors to make this list complete.

Then, next time, when your prospect says, "It costs too much," you will be prepared to handle those price concerns smoothly.

When you can justify your price attractively, everybody wins.

You get the sale, and your client benefits from your offering.

Are you with me on this?

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