If I Wanted To Sell For A Living, I Would Of Majored In It In College

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By a show of hands, how many of you grew up as a kid saying to yourself, "I can't wait to grow up until I become a salesperson"?

Why do people go into sales? Here are some reasons people have given to me and sales managers when they apply for a sales position:

? I don't know what else to do in life, so I might as well sell.

? I'm tired of my present job of (you fill in the blank), so I guess I'll go into sales; anybody can do it.

? It's for the money.

? It looks like fun and you get a lot of time off.

? I like people.

These people don't understand what selling is all about and will not make it in sales.

What do people who are not in sales think about salespeople? They see them as:

? Sleazy.

? Obnoxious.

? A con artist.

? One step above a politician or attorney.

No wonder we have such a bad reputation as salespeople.

Colleges and universities offer marketing classes and but rarely do you ever see any classes in selling. (Could it be because professors are theorists and don't have a clue about selling?) After all, marketing is at least respectable and you don't have to get your hands dirty.

A friend once told me that "If I was meant to sell, I would have been born as a salesman". Babies sell their parents and grandparents on feeding them when they're hungry. On changing their diapers when they're wet. On giving them baths. On rocking them to sleep. On taking hours out of each day to play with them. On giving up a lot of their activities so they can spend them with the baby. On teaching them. On taking their pictures to show to their friends later. Case made.

You were born to be a salesperson. You just don't realize it. You had to sell your parents on why you were out late last night. You had to sell your friends in school on accepting you. You had to sell the professor on giving you a higher grade. You had to sell your sweetheart on marrying you. You had to sell your boss on hiring you. You have to sell your customers on accepting terms of payment or shipment. You are always selling. Just don't forget it.

Let's look at what a true salesperson, a professional salesperson, really does for a living, and let's see now if it's not a more respectable job than you ever imagined. A professional salesperson:

? Wakes up every day unemployed and starts looking for work.

? Is looking for problems to solve.

? Learns how to be creative in solving those problems.

? Is always available to their company and their (many) customers.

? Is the customers' advocate with their own company. ? Helps both their company and customer profit from their relationship.

? Is a leader.

? Makes decisions that affect fellow employees and their customers' companies.

? Has unlimited courage and fortitude.

? Understands what belief and faith really are; and must practice it.

? Faces fears, rejections, problems, mistakes, and failures every day, but finds ways to overcome them.

? Learns more about herself because of her trial by fire every day.

? Understands and deals with the most difficult objections anyone can throw at them each day.

? Is optimistic when others see only failure.

? Has a "can do" attitude, and will keep working until the job is done, and done right.

? Is well educated and is learning some new skills and techniques from every person they talk to, every book they read, and every seminar they attend each day.

? They care.

You are a professional, just as a doctor, attorney, or architect is a professional. You help people solve problems, employ workers in industries, and make profits for companies. Be proud of what you do. Few people have your abilities, skills, and drive. Keep up the good work.

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