Lessons Learned At Gunpoint

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"If you do anything foolish or try to get out of the car we will shoot you" were the terse words which hung in the air like a bad smell.

The small car was being driven at over 120 KPH down the dark roads and highways. Beside me - at the wheel of the car, was one man. Behind me, sat his partner, with a cold gun pressed against the back of my head. There was no doubt that they would do what they said.

A few hours before many thought had been in my head. I had many plans and things that I intended to do. But now, I was focused on ONLY ONE THING - getting home alive.

I knew this happened often where I was visiting - but never expected it to happen to me. Life was cheap, and over 100 people died each week at the hands of criminals like these. They wanted the car, and I was taken along to give them more time. Nerves were tense and something could go badly wrong.

Everything was focused on getting home alive...

That night I focused on keeping myself and the others calm. We knew that if we were stopped by the police it would become a shoot-out and we would be killed. We talked and I persuaded them not to tie me up and throw me into a gutter. Within one hour I was left in a dark industrial estate with my hands tied.

Within one more hour I was at home... alive...

WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS STORY? Is it just to tell you about my experience? NO! I want you to answer one simple question.

If you knew that you had to earn $100 online within the next month what would you do? If the gun was pointed at your head and you had to make money online or face the consequences - what would you do?

There are many folks out there who have never made one cent online. You would like to make money but since it's not essential you have never bothered doing anything about it.

What about you... If the gun was pointed at your head today and you were given 30 days to earn at least $100 what would you do? (and in case you are wondering - you can do it easily)

What am I getting at? I am trying to tell you that if you want to earn that $100 you are going to have to do some specific things. You need to learn quick, but most importantly you will need to start doing what your have learned - do it now!

Do you see what I mean? I am challenging you to work at your business during the next 30 days. Focus on one program. Create your own website with your own domain name. Promote your website and services.

Work... work... work... and then work some more. It will cost you less than $100 cash but it will take time, enthusiasm and effort.

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