Recommending Products Vs. Selling Them

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Some of the best sales people I have ever met, were able to meet all of their sales goals without ever selling a thing. They simply recommended their products to their customers.

They were able to do this because they spent years building their book of business.

Whenever a current customer walked into their office, or called them on the telephone, the sales person would recommend to them a new product or promotion that they had going on at the time.

A few things come into play here. The sales person had built a relationship with this customer over the years. A business relationship, like all relationships, is built on trust. These customers trusted the sales person, so they usually went with what was recommended.

Another thing is, the sales person knew the customer's needs. The sales person did not recommend something to the customer that they did not need. He knew his customer well enough to recommend something that was going to make their life a little easier, or save them some money.

One last thing, whenever the customer approaches the sales person, it is a perfect opportunity to recommend your products. It is not as though the sales person called the customer and started pushing his products. Just the fact that the customers are comfortable approaching you or calling you, is a plus. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Keep in mind, things like this just don't happen over night, a lot of work was involved. These sales people have spent years building relationships through networking channels, and being loyal to their customers. Their customers have returned that loyalty by sending referrals their way.

Each time you speak with a person by phone or in person, it is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with your customer. Get to know them, find out their needs, than, recommend the products you have that would fit their needs.

The more time you spend with a customer the better, this gives you and the customer an opportunity to build a business relationship.

Customers truly appreciate this kind of interaction. They want their lives to be more convenient. They want to save money. So get to know them, ask questions about their work and their family, people love to talk about themselves.

Take the extra time required to build relationships. People don't want to be treated as statistics, so use their name frequently when speaking with them. Don't close the sale and hurry them out the door.

These are the habits of successful sales people, so learn from them, and meeting your sales goals will seem a lot easier. Good luck.

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