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Inspiration and Management from Within ? Part 2.

The more you follow the path of exploration into the mystery of life, the more life becomes revealed to you. Life begins to express its secret, its nature. What is required of us, for deeper understanding, is a commitment to follow earnestly the laws of life into self discovery. Few things have greater impact on the world, than the study of human nature and this study ultimately is found in the study of self. Through this study of self we come to know, what is really the study of God.

IF we could become fully aware of this self, then the search for spirituality would cease, we would no longer pilgrimage to sacred places, as life itself, the very thread of our existence, would become the divine mystery we all seek. Life reveals itself in every atom, on every corner and in every moment, life can be the magic in itself.

Everything in this world which appears to be unharmonious is in reality, the limitation of our own vision. The wider the horizon of our perspective, the more harmony of life we enjoy. In the very depth of our being, the harmony and simplistic working of the whole of natures plan exists. It can be heard through inner awareness. It is not the outer sound that plays the music of the soul, it is from within.

"Every external activity is directed by an inner cause. Every cause has its effect and all effects belong to us. This is our true power, the ability to reach within and temper the steal of causality. In the daily events of life, this capacity is not always obvious. People often see themselves victimized and therefore cannot attain a balance. Yet to the keen observer, awakened to the real world there is nothing but balance. Perfect harmony, exists as a hum, beneath the surface of all activity. It is only the keen observer, steeped in self awareness that it is, however, revealed. This beauty, this order reveals the balance of good and evil, right and wrong, masculine and feminine ? and, when viewed by the keen eye, correspond with a larger purpose, and are therefore harmonious." Christopher Walker.. 2003.

1. It's only Natural

(exert from Innerwealth; Putting the heart and soul back into work and life. Wiley Uk.)

The laws that make self observation possible are not the laws of human morality. Such laws are for the dignity and well-being of the mass, and provide safety for existence. Self observation must be made from a larger perspective from this in order to eliminate the concepts of judgment and worthiness. Here is a small snap shot of those higher laws.


In nature, what we appreciate will grow. Human bodies are a composition of trillions of vibrating particles with our total well being reflected in this movement. Our thoughts control this vibration revealing that by developing positive thought patterns, we can personally impact our own lives in a positive way.


Nature is pure balance. By aligning ourselves with the simple principles of balance, we can live a mindful existence. Where clear thinking, peace of mind and an open heart will together create a strong sense of centeredness. An imbalance in the body and mind can be transformed instantaneously to help you create and sustain energy and vitality for a lifetime.


In nature, nothing is ever lost or missing, however it does change constantly. An individual's perceptions can be limited and unhealthy and they are in need of ways in which to let go of the old and move forward with purpose. Once we learn to recognize that everything is changing and evolving for a reason, then we can really achieve our full potential as powerful individuals in this world.


Nature demonstrates to us that maximum evolution occurs at the border of support and challenge. The greatest thing in life is unconditional love and the evolvement of our world depends on this. By understanding that evolution can be achieved by an individual's strength to move through difficulties with love and gracefulness, the quality of one's life will be instantly enriched.


The greatest gift in life is the experience of being inspired. Nature has intended us to live this way. Leadership is inspiration. Certainty is inspiration. This higher thinking is that whose essence will connect people in groups, create harmony in relationships and move organizations forward in their purpose. Every human being has the right to an inspired life.

2. To be in Harmony is the first Goal of life.

Each human being has an inner vibration, it is audible and visible. It is not visible to the eyes nor audible to the ears, but it is audible and visible to the heart. We might say, "I feel their vibrations, I feel their presence."

Harmonics can be affected externally through sight and sound. The environment in an office can affect harmony easily. For example red walls excite a person and will make them inclined to fight. A striking color will give you an argumentative environment. From a psychological point of view ancient customs use a certain colors for a wedding, and other colors for different festivals. It all has meaning, there is a psychological significance behind the subtle realities of our external lives. A change agent, must have the skill at understaning these subtlties, because it is through this change that the most powerful impact can be created in the shortest time in any circumstance.

People affect each others harmonics. People create a feeling that is given off without them having said or done anything. A person can communicate a bad feeling, without doing or saying anything. This creates a negative atmosphere, and you will be uncomfortable with them. Because people are so material in our world we do not appreciate this power that person has on another through what is going on within themselves. It is not because of their saying or doing; it is because of their being. "People hear louder what you do not speak, than what you do." It is in the vibration of life itself that the tone, and color are experienced, regardless of words or action.

If we could understand and tap into this immense resource of comprehension, we would begin to appreciate the power of life itself, because everything has a vibration and that vibration tells the truth. It will determine success and failure, happiness and sadness, sickness and health. We will have a greater scope for approaching that unlimited potential which is within ourselves when we understand the power of being. The ancient mystics speak of self-knowledge. This does not mean knowing; how old I am, or how good I am, or how bad I am, or how right or wrong I am. It means knowing the other part of one's being, that deeper, subtle aspect of one's being and it is on the knowledge of that being, that the fulfillment of life depends.

What you will begin to realize is that the first experience of your spiritual development is when you begin to feel in synch with the abundant presence of other living beings. This doesn't only mean human beings exclusively, but with animals, with birds, with trees and plants. We all have this same privilege, if we realize it. When we close our heart, when we allow our self to be smothered by life, we become exclusive, we become cut away from the whole manifestation of love. It is humanity that divides itself, people create identities, but truly, life itself is undivided, indivisible.

When you begin to take a universal perspective you begin to see that all is undivided. Then instead of saying, "this is my friend, I love them", we are able to say, "this is myself, I love me". At this time, a person can say that they have arrived at the realization of love. As long as an individual says "I feel sympathy for them because they are my friend", their sympathy has not yet been fully awakened. The true realization of sympathy is when we see our friend and say "this is myself". Then the sympathy is authentic, fully realized and there exists a communication within oneself that is of a true essence.

Identity causes us to close ourselves off from both the external life, and the inner life. That inner part of life is made of sound and light and when we get in touch with this part, then we know the language of life, nature. This language expresses the past, the present and the future. It is a language which reveals the secrets and the character of nature, it is a language which receives and gives the great messages of inspiration.

A person who is caught in their identity is living on the surface of life. They will become materialistic, and struggle to achieve only for themselves and live for their own benefit. They will suffer from morning to night. They will be bitter and in trouble, as they are in the midst of struggle and conflict, mostly with themselves. To heal, the heart must be free, free to love. The person who discovers this has reached a truly elevated state of being.

What teaches this kind of love? Where can one learn it? Where can we study it? The key to this element of love is found in life itself. As we observe humans in the world today, with all the progress of society, still there is a void. Ask yourself these questions: What is it that is lacking? Is it harmony that is the key to the unlimited store of love which is in the heart of humankind? Is the meaning of life represented in Harmony? Is it that in knowing life, and seeing the order of it, we see the divine plan, and therefore, we also see the planner?

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Change Agent, Business Consultant, Author, and Futurist, Christopher Walker is a visionary individual and one of the world's leading facilitators of Personal and organizational change. He is considered a leader in the field of human potential, inspiration and leadership. Christopher's amazing programs unravel the mysteries of human behavior, personal growth and professional development, lead to progressive change and a richer more inspired life.

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