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Successful Sales Strategies: Winning the Close Ones

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The "Three Cs" in building customer relationships are a key component of professional selling skills.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWeb) November 23, 2003 ? The deal is coming down to the wire. The buyer perceives the competitor's solution as marginally superior, but the slight underdog still wins the sale. In this case, the adage, people buy from people they like, proves true.

In the audiobook, "Sound Advice on Sales Strategies," author Tom Snyder, a vice president with sales consultancy Huthwaite, says that while it's always a good idea to build customer relationships, it is especially helpful in the close ones. He sites what "SPIN Selling" author Neil Rackham calls the "zone of indifference."

"In this situation, although the competition's superiority is recognized," says Snyder, "it's not significant enough to break out of the buyer's zone of indifference. This means that between the two, the buyer will likely choose to deal with the seller he likes." While a personal relationship won't be the deciding factor in most major account selling situations, it's still an important part of the mix.

When building customer relationships, Snyder recommends being guided by the "Three Cs" of concern, candor, and competence.

Concern means focusing on customers and their needs. Learning the customer's problems is the first step in building trust. Candor equates to honesty and avoiding exaggeration. Competence comes from the salesperson knowing how their products or services meet customer needs.

Says Snyder, "Don't neglect your customer relationships, and don't neglect your sales training, either. Your customers shouldn't have to choose between the salesperson they like and the salesperson with professional selling skills."

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