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Unlocking the Myth of Hypnotic Communication

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Unquestionably when the word hypnosis pops-up in a conversation or in the mainstream press, nostrils flair, minds conjure up strong reactions of parlor tricks and pictures of late night scary movies where starry-eyed maidens are seduced to carry out satanic acts. Here we are, in modern times, where we have set foot on the moon, (ops ? better watch my words ? there are people who still think the earth is flat) broke the sound barrier, communicate wireless with the most modern technology and still people see hypnosis has a hoax. Even the well educated are not off the hook from such lack of knowledge and ignorant responses.

Altered states and trance experiences have been around long before the word hypnosis. What is unique about hypnotic communications is that it's truly magical and at the same time clearly explainable and understandable.

Regardless, of the mystique surrounding hypnotic communication, there is no hocus-pocus involved, and the only tool you will need is your MIND. Sound too easy?

Follow along and prepare yourself to be amazed - both by the power of your mind to shape who you can become, and by the power you have to guide it.

First, Lets' remove a couple of old misconceptions that you're supposed to talk in a monotone when you do hypnosis and that you are under control of someone's power.

A more accurate way to channel the thought that others can control us would be to restate that hypnosis is powerful communication to influence others as well as the self.

That is clearly evident in advertising communications ? persuasive salespeople, politicians, religious leaders, and business leaders just to name a few. The hypnotist may take you into an altered state by using a monotone voice for getting a particular outcome or result. Similarly, a more animated approach, just like a glib politician, can wow you into the same altered state through their mesmerizing performance.

And, as for the self ? we are masters at entering altered states many times a day ? programming with hypnotic communications for what we can't do rather than what we can do. (Just listen and catch yourself every time you say "I can't", "No", or "That was Stupid")

Parents are excellent at using hypnotic communications for getting an unwanted response from a child ? Don't spill your milk! ? Turn your back and the next thing you hear is the child's glass of milk falling on the floor.

If I tell you "don't get to excited about my free no obligation gift offer at end of this article -- Or, if I say, "I don't want you to worry about what happens after reading this article". You and the child are stuck with trying to understand what was just said. Unsuspectingly, an unwanted behavior occurs in the child -- spilling the milk -- and you, the reader, somehow wanting to understand what "don't want you to worry" means, will momentarily fall into an altered state conjuring up in your mind all kinds of possibilities.

Hypnotic communications is a very natural process that we all do all the time -- some have just learned to do it more eloquently for positive outcomes and others sabotage themselves. It's a skill that you can develop to be a very powerful communicator for changing yourself and influencing others.

The challenge that people have is they don't recognize, understand or notice the natural flow of hypnotic communication. And, therefore is very transparent and goes undetected by the incomprehensible person.

Here is an everyday example: Put yourself in this scene ? you're driving down a freeway or highway and surprisingly you pass an intended off-ramp or street that you were going to exit onto. For a split second you may have been startled upon discovering that you passed the exit and said something like ? "dam" or "stupid me" how did I miss that?

Unknowingly you were experiencing hypnotic communications with yourself ? an altered state of consciousness - focused in a hyper state of awareness in your subconscious mind on something other than paying attention to your driving ? daydreaming as some would describe it.

Watch out for the pink elephant behind you. ? Got you! ? for a split second did you visualize a pink elephant? Now I can just hear the skeptics saying, this hypnosis stuff doesn't work. Clearly it works! And, it has programmed you into the person you are today.

Habits of behavior are learned through hypnotic communications and work specifically for changing any unwanted behaviors in life. You can learn to eliminate habits of behavior that would enable you to stop smoking, eliminate weight, overcome fears, and to create new habits of behavior for greater success in life.

The mind is much more malleable than we thought and marketers are learning to understand and capitalize on what influences consumers unconscious minds as much as their conscious minds do.

Learning hypnotic communications through self-hypnosis will clearly help guard your mind against self-sabotaging acts and bring strength and awareness of external influence. And, you will experience harmonious balance and control in your life.

Don Price, Los Angeles, CA
Don L. Price ? Sales/Marketing & High Performance Success Coach, International Speaker, Consultant and Author of Secrets of Personal Marketing Power-Strategies for Achieving Greater Personal & Business Success

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