Acoustic Transducers and Light Waves for VSTOL, a Concept

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Is it possible to use many acoustic transducers underneath an aircraft in a crisscross fashion to make the air much thicker. Almost like a platform that a VSTOL aircraft using low pressure could use to push off of? Although the amount of energy to be required to do this might be substantial; it seems to be possible.

The acoustic transducers mixed with some laser light waves and hypersonic and ultrasonic waves could re-align the air molecules into a temporary thicker barrier. Once this is produced the thickness of the air would be a moving platform under the aircraft. Then normal low-pressure airflow similar to a hovercraft would push upon this thicker air and create an aircushion lifting the craft upward. The benefits of using acoustic transducers with mixed waves in a crisscross fashion in this way could be used on an aircraft carrier to create more lift for take-off of VSTOLs.

It might also be used to fly helicopters without rotor blades, thus increasing the safety. The only real question is how much energy would it take? And if on an aircraft carrier the ship would provide the power to mix up the sound and light waves to create the temporary barrier of air, which the aircraft would use as its cushion on landing. A nuclear aircraft carrier is not limited by its energy potential while the aircraft itself is limited by weight you see? Anyway think on this.

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