Astrophysics and Other Universe Sentient Life

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ASTROPHYSICS: - Many other entries will deal with knowledge from this truly amazing field of exploration founded in astrology and chaos science before the Ice Age. There is one question we'd like you to consider at this time. In the recent past, the 'experts' said there were likely some 100,000 lifeforms in our universe (there are others) which are at least as advanced as we are. That was before the Mars meteorites indicate there is water on Mars as well as some biologic form of life. That factor plus water on moons around Saturn or Jupiter has greatly accentuated the statistical probability to the point that it is more realistic to talk about civilizations that may have existed on Mars and Venus, from which we may have come. It certainly makes it likely that there are hundreds of thousands of advanced lifeforms in our own galaxy.

If you refer to our Relativity entry you may reasonably ask if the 'dark matter' or parallel universes are even more populous. The Hubbell Telescope's photo of the center of the known universe was elected the top scientific discovery of 1999 for very good reason. We are not nearly so old or as advanced as others and we are even less important or unique than we have wanted to believe.

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