Creating Artificial Time in a Vacuum With Pulsed Lasers

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Keying off a very interesting concept confined within Static Quantum Theory and looking for the edge of time or the end of energy or the Quantum Borderline or virtual boarder of nothing. One might use the idea of pulsed lasers created in a defined confined area of a vacuum to create a singularity of a pulsed laser, whose immediate disruption pulses of the singularity which would follow would reach the end of the confinement area faster than the light which would in fact be created and then this traveling disruption would trigger another pulsed laser reciprocal event on the far side of the confinement whose pulsed laser would send it's disruption of the event to occur to the original point of the first singularity of the original laser or starting point, which would trigger the turning off of the first laser before it created the event of singularity or light.

But at which point would trigger another reciprocal event, which would send the disruptions to the first reciprocal event and turn it off before it occurred. Thus there would only be pure energy in the confined area and no light. The event making machines would be outside the confinement vacuum and therefore nothing would be in the confinement except the energy, all else remains static, everything else would be chaos or disruptions. Thus you have created a biosphere of time or an additional dimension of energy and perhaps we can study the essence of time and the end of time or the beginning of time depending on the needed perception of those performing this experiment. This in fact could be the beginning of studying a way to travel within the space through what we perceive as time. By creating from static, energy and chaos we can evaluate many of the theories of what we call time as we observe the differences between now and ..... now and.... now which we interpret as time. Because we will be creating 'nows' within a confined environment.

We can see what now really is compared to what it was and we may find it is all the same only our interpretation of such is what we call past, present and future. By making events occur and using the disruptions of events to prevent events from occurring before they occur and then triggering additional events to occur, time as we know it (perceive it to be) will be created in nothingness. I need not go into all the relevant applications of time control, but by sending in data into the confinement area, we may find we can control time from afar or from outside of time. Which means the next logical step would be to master time from within, the area in which we have been observing and studying laws of physics, natural laws and living our linear lives.

You could clean a make a hamburger in no time and therefore you would have exponential profits in a fiscal period of time. Interesting, it does not work that way, but it is the reason we had decided to explore time. As our company becomes more efficient we need to get an edge on time. Since what appeared to be a constant (time) may actually be a variable and the constant would be change, for instance the car getting cleaned and the perception of time, is irrelevant, since it is not real. Which means if we are paying people in time (labor) then we will or should be paying them for change or as Friedrich Winslow Taylor would say we would pay them by unit of change or unit of work, not per time.

For that may not be the actual nature of things or even the natural order of the (game) life itself. Perhaps we have an entire economy and structure set around time, when in reality it should be based on change since that is where we are operating in reality, if that is how you describe it. Have fun with these ideas and thoughts. When physics, philosophy and science theory collide so too will the thought in chaos.

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