Efficient Transportation Systems

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We see in the organized world of the Japanese with their transit systems and floating airports and super engineering anti-Tsunami bridges many ideas in the theory of flow, which assists every part of their society and civilizations. They are masters of the flow of transportations and work hard to perfect every aspect and detail of their transportation system.

We can learn a little bit from their ideas in the system of flows and simplicity once the giant infrastructure projects are finally completed. We have some really great borderline world-class transportations systems in the US, but they are not cohesive in all regards, but with a little fine tuning they certainly could be and with all the space we have in this country we have so many possibilities of making it logistically perfect, people friendly, efficient in operation, safe from International Terrorists, redundant without worry of break down and cost effective to increase usage and confidence with the patrons. To do this we must prevent trucking over regulation, which is duplicated in every state and often contradictory. EPA laws have to take into consideration the free-market mechanism to clean the air.

We have seen severe restrictions and deadlines forced on the trucking industry which should have been better planned and more carefully considered prior to their enactment. When large items need to travel down existing roadways and are considered wide loads, long loads or oversized loads they often have different rules for different states, highways, federal and even some counties have their own rules. Making it difficult to get a much needed part to a power plant, military base, infrastructure project, building, government agency or individual. When businesses have to deal with all these different, often redundant rules and regulations they cannot use the existing transportation system and when these things happens it hurts the flow of products and services to the over all people that it was built to serve. In addition to this every permit, fee, fine or rule imposed causes and increase in cost and an over all tax on society. When we slow any form of transportation, increase regulations these costs are passed on. Think about it.

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