God Created Man, 5000 years ago?

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Well it is written that God created man 5000 years ago, there can be no doubt about it. The Holy scripture guarantees that is in fact how it exactly happened? Oh really? So how do you explain the fossil record, life on mars and dinosaur bones? Oh, you cannot explain that? I see, but you still wish to debate the works in the various religions and completely factual and to be followed literally then? Hmm? Okay, then I have a book that, I personally recommend that you do not read:

"The Seven Daughters of Eve" By Bryan Sykes.

This is my book review. The book discusses our genetic ancestry chain and may help other understand the problems which occur in coming to acceptable conclusions in theories which are often wrong but help archeologists and scientists get funding, keep their peer groups happy and find a decent publisher. After reading the evidence of this book as it is written, it appears that Sykes maybe more in touch with the actual happenings of the past than most previously renowned archeologists. This may explain why people have the behavior characteristics we do. And why we seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I recommend this book to the realists of the world as it makes a lot of sense indeed.

This book is not allowed in many libraries at schools in the bible belts and places like Kansas, because it is considered pure blasphemy and speculation. Even though it contains facts of fossil records and proof is no matter. Humans are kind of funny, as they will believe just about anything, won't they? Think about it.

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