Hyper Sound Wave Emissions to Quiet Helicopters

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It is possible to disrupt the sound waves coming from a flying helicopter and re-direct those sound waves up. This would mean on a day with no clouds you would not be able to hear the helicopter from the ground. If our International Terrorist enemies cannot hear them, they are much safer from being shot down. The hyper sound waves would be emitted from the skids on the helicopters and face upward like a cone. Careful consideration would be made so the hyper sound emissions would not cause an unbalanced resonance or detrimental harmonic situation to the aircraft. The mixing of the sound waves; the actual sound from the helicopter rotor blades and the aircraft's engines along with the introduced hyper sound waves together would also be studied perhaps at the Boeing Companies Apache Attack Helicopter Center to make sure that the sum of the sounds or the difference of the sound waves did not create frequencies which would screw up communication or cause harmonic imbalance. Hyper Sound Wave Emissions to quiet helicopters might be just what we need. The sound of silence, ah, so sweet indeed.

One the hyper sound waves cancelled out or redirected the helicopters sound the enemy on the ground would not hear them coming and have less time to make ready, point, aim and fire a shoulder launched surface to air missile. The element of surprise in offensive operations also holds keys to successful battlespace out comes and kill ratios. Think about the sound, it could save our soldiers lives?

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