Life on Mars, Warm Water Under our Ice Caps, Evidence, Microbes under Our Feet

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Well many people out there are asking is there really life on Mars? Our Thinking Group has been asking not if, what type?

An article I remember reading and article in Astronomy Magazine back in 1996 that read was there life on Mars and it was an article about a meteorite that landed here on Earth and it was found in 1984 in Antarctica in the Allen Hills ice fields, like I even know where that is? It had bacteria fossils and remains of bacteria that lived about 3.6 billion years ago and the meteor appeared to have come from Mars.

Today the surface of Mars is colder than the Siberian Winter and dryer than Gobi Desert. Yet we both know that things on earth live in both places as a matter of fact an article from Scientific American reported that there are microbes that live in radiation infested rock at 200 plus degrees 2000 feet underground. We have found microbes that eat radiation and live in sulfuric gas and lava flows. See the scientific paper in Discover magazine 1999, "To Hell and Back". So how can anyone deny that there is life on Mars and there was also life 3.6 Billion years ago? And heck that is just the nearest planet. There is life all over this galaxy and all the others too. Does this offend people?

Does it go against our Christian belief system? It shouldn't really. It can co-exist with the Christian Religion, read the book a Case for Faith, I am currently reading this book and it goes into the existence of many passages that can explain any perceived contradiction. You do not have to be Thomas Paine to believe both. Although there are only about 7% of the top scientists in this country who believe in god, they believe with all their passion and they have been able to co-exist with the other scientists who are primarily agnostic although some say at least 41% that they are absolutely atheists. We have life in more extreme conditions below our Earth's surface than above Mar's surface so it stands to reason that there is not only life but an eco-system as well. A natural order to things so to speak where life fills minute niches and life feeds on other life forms. It has been known since 1990 that Mars's poles contained frozen water, today about 300,000 square miles of ice. So there is water on Mars. So if there is water then there is life of some form there.

Let's remember that some of these microbes found on the meteor may have sparked life here too. In other words we may have among us Martian life living on Earth today and vice versa. In a scientific report in 1997 Discover magazine there was an article about a lake underneath the Antarctica ice. 5000 square miles and 1600 feet deep. The geothermal heat has melted the ice underneath and made a lake in a closed system, and there maybe species which have been living their for 2 million years. These microbes and species will be different that anything we have ever seen, that is for sure. So let us think for a minute, we have species living in hot water shielded by ice for 2 million years we did not even know existed here, until we found them by seismic and beaming radio waves, and some tell us there is no life on Mars, BS.

There is life and it is probably below and above the surface living under the dirt and under the ice sheet. Just like it is here. Just think about it on the nearest planet in our own solar system there is life, and some people use to think that Earth was so unique that there was only life here? That is absolutely global-centric as humans of us to even think there. We are learning every day about our own Planet and those things are helping us learn more about other planets. We have just sent up satellites to use microwaves of K and Ka bands to measure gravity of various regions and determine the mass distribution of Earth. We can use these and other techniques to locate areas on other planets that may be hollow or less dense that could be water and or other material which can support life. As the famous line in Jurassic Park said "life will find a way." In other words if there is a niche it will be filled by some life form. There is lif on Mars and there is lots of species living here that we have not met yet, some living amongst us we have not discovered, some living under the ice, some living under the earth, there are some we may create in the future and there are different species living on other planets within this solar system and some life on the moons of some of these planets right now, in the past and for sure in the future as we colonize other planets in the next 1000 years.

Get use to it, stop denying it and get with the program, there is life on Mars and there has been for longer than modern man has walked the surface of this planet.

And to that point we are finding gases which normally are caused by organic life flowing from the surface, probably underground, we have life living underground here, intelligent life too, so why wouldn't we have life underground on Mars where the water is and at the Poles where the water is?

If you enjoy these topics and wish to post your own information, theories, science, observations, proof here, do it, we would love to hear it.

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