Many Sci Fi writers have discussed Earthquake predictions

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Cal Tech along with the Universities in Japan are on the leading edge of this new technology and it is quickly becoming a reality. Soon we will know months in advance of an expected quake and the precise time maybe known hours or minutes before it actually comes. Arthur C. Clarke discussed early Earthquake warnings in CA, in a couple of short essays and stories and then again in a two of his most famous novels. If you will recall the book, "Richter 10;" in this book they could predict the Earthquakes months in advance.

Well it looks as if we maybe on our way to pin pointing the quakes. Here is technology, which lets you know almost 30 seconds, enough to get away from things which may fall on your head. What people may not realize is that the technology is nearly hear and will be nearly as good a tornado predictions

A lot of work goes into this stuff and it should be noted that we are approaching a new level of science in these fields. Every year we get better at it. The folks in the research lab at CalTech are using state of the art science and bleeding edge technologies and one has no option but to be thoroughly impressed,

which allows our populations to feel safe as well. There is a lot being done to prevent these things and this will improve in the future. We are just now being able to cause Earthquakes through the use of harmonic resonance. It appears to be possible to use certain frequencies to mitigate the excessive damage of Earthquakes while still allowing for the natural flow of plate tectonics. With proper sensors we will be able to know when and where and which active faults are ready to slip or give. Those at Cal tech are certain it will not be long now. .

I hope everyone appreciates the work being done there at Cal Tech, it will save billions in rebuilding and an potentially human millions of lives. We should continue to invest in research monies to this emerging science, because its future ability to predict with pin-point accuracy is right around the corner. Think about it.

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