Philosophical Discussion of Distribution Systems

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To properly understand marketing one needs to understand the natural march of distribution from a colony of ants to Wal-Mart's Distribution System. Efficient systems must be designed or worked out by nature over thousands if not millions of years of evolution. It is about getting it done and using all your synergies to maximize efficiencies. It doesn't really matter what you are distributing or what industry. Think about it for second.

What do all these things have in common? Transportation, communication, distribution, commerce, money flows, water supply, manufacturing assembly lines, transmission lines of power, legal system, etc.; they all are distribution systems. We find them everywhere in our civilization and everywhere in nature from the smallest to the largest. For instance let's look how a virus operates or a disease in the body. After all as we study the flow of things and the flow of distribution; we find that the flows, the time, the speed, the distance, the cycles, the waves and the frequency are what it is all about really. Getting it from point A to point be in the most efficient way.

We may find that the use of such destruction of the systems maybe the way to fight virus vectors. We are destroying its distribution system. How can we do that, without destroying the highway of arteries or infrastructure? We may also see that the true virus of our lives is the disruption of flows in our external lives or the government bureaucracy. By studying the virus vectors, taxation system, regulatory bureaucracy, politics of energy, fines and fee schedules, which are really revenue enhancement, pay toll highways, we will find how we inflict the flow of all that is good and how we might use these negatives to be used for positives against a disease or virus vector.

The same can be true for eliminating International Terrorists without slowing the infrastructure or flow of our civilization. Think about this.

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