UUV - Unmanned Underwater Vehicles to be Used for Fish Farming or Algae Bloom Removal

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What is a UUV? UUV is the abbreviation given to Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. It is a mini-submarine without anyone in it. Is it possible to use UUVs to farm fish in lakes, reservoirs and the ocean? Can UUVs keep a watchful eye on Algae Blooms and deliver micro-encapsulation timed release anti algae chemicals?

Can an UUV find the Lock Nest monster, find the secrets of the King Crabs, Migrate with the gray whales, guard our costs from drug smugglers and international terrorists all at the same time? The answer maybe yes. A UUV which uses ELF - extremely low frequency can keep schools of fish happy and watch over the dangerous growth of Algae Blooms. While cruising around under the surface they can come up for reloading by US Coast Guard or come up to greet smugglers, illegal aliens, pirates or even International Terrorists. There has been talk of such UUVs with single purposes

but why not lease them to corporate fish farmers, EPA for deleting unwanted Red tide style algae blooms such as off the coast of West Coast Southern Florida. The same units can be available for missions of Homeland Security, or rescue of people in pleasure craft? Multi-use UUVs can assist in ROI costs and we will discover other uses for them for science and security and R and D. Thus needing more units and driving costs down. Currently the development are quite high but costs can be spread out over many more units. It is important to note that when R and D dollars are spent on such homeland security products or in time of war, weapons, then we can all be the better for it. AUVs on other missions can warn of Tsunami Waves coming into harbors, running up into rivers and retention basins or headed for populated shore lines. They can monitor seismic events and hurricane weather.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles are now available and this technology will eliminate security issues, environmental problems and act as warning devices to protect our civilization.

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