Underground Cities, Save the Humans

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Perhaps we should design tunneling robots, which can dig out an underground city. Unmanned Tunneling robots to build underground cookie cutter cities to save mankind from possible future calamity. These robots would run off a pre-programmed schematic like a robotic house-building machine. Each city underground would house 100,000 people and be ready in case of disaster. They would run off thermo heat from the Earth and be fully stocked and have near bye underground water supplies to draw from.

First we would look underground with 4D ground surveillance waves similar to those used in oil exploration, then we would map out the underground area in grids, figure out which underground plan fits in the artificial boxes in the 3D underground grid space. Then we would turn on the underground tunneling robots to dig out the city underneath. We would make careful assurance to not dig into areas which are problematic or soil which is too lose which could cave in under the next phase of construction of the underground cities.

Cement would be brought in along with new nano strength support structures. Plumbing and energy power plants would be brought in next. Nearby underground water sources would be tapped and pipelines brought in which were flexible all underground. Facility crews to monitor the progress would be brought in next and to keep everything running in case of a calamity. Underground cities would be built wherever the ground allowed for it and near water supplies in most all the states. In case of a horrific comet or asteroid hitting the Earth, the human race could go on, although some would not be spared unfortunately.

We need to have a backup plan which can save the human race from extinction in the case of a massive Mother Nature Event, Off Planet Collision or Unlivable possible future climate. It is not a pleasant thought to think on, but one, which must be addressed for the forward progression of the species in the event of such calamity. Think on it.

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