What are GE and GMO Crops?

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Genetically Engineered Organisms and Genetically Modified Organisms, with Monsanto Corporation in the forefront of development. GE crops, including cotton seeds, have genetically modified properties with built-in resistance to herbicides and insects (Bt cotton), and are also called Frankencotton.

Another mutant called terminator seeds, are sterile and force farmers to buy seed from major suppliers like Monsanto, instead of naturally saving seeds from year to year. Thankfully, terminator seeds are not expected to be marketed in the near future, according to Cornell University.

Cottonseed oil from GE/GMO cotton crops is already in our food supply as a common ingredient in many processed foods, including peanut butter, cooking oils, salad dressings, cookies, snack chips and pastry crusts.

GE and GMO farming is legal in the United States, and currently 73% of cotton grown in the U.S. is genetically engineered. With enormous global profit potential at stake, Monsanto has been viciously aggressive in acquiring global contracts and lobbying reluctant governments. Worse, poor farmers in these regions are routinely exploited with unfair pricing, and farmers in India have been devastated by losses from Monsanto's GE crop failures.

While no studies are yet available to prove the danger of GE/GMOs, governments, scientists and environmentalists worldwide are alarmed at the potential contamination of soil and water, food supply, and airborne spread of these toxic organisms.

The very real environmental contamination caused by GE/GMOs is making it impossible for any organic business to say with absolute certainty that organic cottons and woolens are 100% toxin free anymore, because we and our children, and animals, are increasingly exposed every day.

However, organic producers and organic retailers will continue to offer their customers certified organic products grown from natural seeds and farms, and fiercely reject the spread of GE/GMOs.

The Organic Consumers Association is spearheading campaigns of zero tolerance, to stop corporations like Monsanto from continuing to flagrantly place the well being of people in last place, for corporate profit. We urge you to visit the Organic Consumers Association to learn more, fax petitions and make your voice heard.

Susan Fullen Yurek of Organics ( is an e-commerce entrepreneur and advocate of organic initiatives for the health of our families and preservation of our planet.

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