What are the Biggest Solar Projects?

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Solar power will be necessary for space exploration and off planet colonies on the moon and Mars in the next few decades and our advances here on Earth will assist us with the knowledge we need to power them up. Some may not realize but we have come a long way in our solar technology in the last few decades and we are now ready to take this experience and knowledge to the next level; to build something out of this world. The future is now and the recent past proves we are up for this challenge.

Did someone say solar? Check out this craft. 69 Footer, goes 15 knots and is used as a Ferry in Sydney. The unit does have a small gas powered back-up, which is cool enough. The solar energy is stored in batteries, which power the vehicle.

Perfect for the River Walk Projects in larger cities or even the River Citie,s which are so well known here in the United States. It is really good to see that when kids learn math and science that they grow up to try new things and innovate for mankind isn't it? This is one of the biggest ships that is solar powered, we can wash that while it is on the water. How about the highest flying solar plane.

There are many large solar projects like this one in San Diego; .

The US is in the lead on aircraft and most projects but other countries are also leading the way, for instance this apartment complex in Finland;

But Germany also has many projects and is known for their research in solar housing. As we travel to other planets and set up base stations and outposts. For us to do this correctly we will need to be able to have self sufficient power and we will need to bring everything with us. Now we are able to do that. Solar Panels in sheets of plastic and all we have learned from artificial biospheres. We must study these issues so we can use solar for things out of this world and those small and necessary things within this world, such as powering up Road signs for mini sensor networks to help control our infrastructure cars and help achieve maximum safety. We must continue our efforts to promote solar for an "array" of reasons. Currently the moon colony project has picked out a location, which can be used for mining, exploration and a base for space travels. It will most likely be powered by a system similar to these to run all its many electronics and temperature control. The Moon is said to be negative 55 degrees and special materials will be needed for insulation and lots of power for heating.

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