Will Clones Run the World?

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In the US it appears that we have decided that "life is not for sale" and that the cloning debate is over and our scientists are forbidden by law from attempting to clone humans. In other countries they are currently trying and will most likely continue to try until they get it right. Will those countries which move forward in human cloning be able to force their will on free markets and rise to power faster since they will have the abilities of entangled brains and abilities of basic thought transfer? Such skills will be quite an advantage indeed. Will such countries have stronger corporations and create wealth faster than our corporations? Will the multi-national conglomeration corporations of the World continue to be so large it will not be significant until way into the future? Will more countries become run completely by super dynasty clone families, will they run the world?

Will they spread out and each member of the family become grossly involved in politics and important positions? Can they? Will they in fight amongst themselves due to the innate flaws, which so deep in the human species? After all we have seen this in our own culture in the US as wealthy families fight over the means and fail to get the whole of the population to the proper ends.

Will these super clone families be cooperative, work together, find strength in the whole group and propel them to super status? Will future super clone families fight each other for top honors in business, sports, governmental control and war? Will we be actually moving the human species to the next step or will we repeat the Machiavellian nature of previous periods, reducing each other to tribes, clans or ever-changing re-groupings of the same? On a macro scale cloning could be a real problem, changing the human species into a set of giant beehives, Borg or huge communes. Run by one or a few and using fear to lead, as has always been the greatest motivator of mankind. Ask any sales man who tries a trial close on you to buy something, ask them about fear of loss. Study the world's most powerful leaders and their techniques to persuade. Most humans respond to and a most easily motivated by fear, corporations use it, government uses it, teachers use it, parents use it, yes even you use it and you cannot deny it. So will the natural motivator be the tool or a weapon of choice within in super clone families, country controlled family dynasties? Will this simply render them unable to lead, unfit to lead and cause early implosion or constant changes in their leadership? This is what we see in many corporations which are run by those were put there by the wealthy families who financed them. Here are some thoughts on issues of Executive Capital in corporations, you should be able to see the issues and problems which happen due to infighting or constant change within the leadership of a group:

These same issues occur within Presidential Administration change-overs, which effect all of us. These issues occur on sports teams causing rebuilding periods with few wins, similar situations happen in military units. Such constant changes could be a real problem. Would super clone families be able to overcome this, especially as each of them was made of the same blood, had the same thoughts and knew the thoughts of the others? This might cause some serious problems with paranoia within the group and individuals, as they may not be able to readily know which thoughts were real threats to their person and which were merely frustration typical of group dynamics. Or would they be able to use these thoughts to propel the group?

If they were able to work together in tight groups to support their interests they could do so at the Speed of Thought and in doing so would be an incredibly networked group using the best aspects of humanity and easily promote their will. We know that business networks, organizations, associations can move their members forward faster, we know that special teams are quite effective and efficient. So too would well organized cloned super families providing they held their mission statement above all. Cult like businesses where employees are highly motivated and work together do far better than their counter part industry peers as is well outlined in many books and studies, for instance Jim Collin's book "Good to Great" whose special research team discusses five star leadership techniques. Think about it, if you dare.

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