SCAMS ? Be Aware ? And Report When Necessary

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The Internet is a vast International Network of people and businesses ? and a place where people can make a fairly decent living. However, it is also a place where certain unsavory characters can freely roam ? to take your dollars and run. Scams ? the human mind can be either pure or devious ? and it is the devious mind that you have to look out for and be aware of at all time.

The easy marks to a scam are those that are new, inexperienced, or those that are desperately looking for a way to make some money, that the swindler will usually target. Emotional hype and false sincerity are their ticket to a scam. Some are obvious, but others are not. Now, I mean no insult if you have been scammed ? Why ? been there and done that. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed ? be aware-- and vow to be ever vigilant in your choices. And remember to reassure yourself, that next time ? if, heaven forbid, you should encounter another scam, you will definitely handle it differently.

Affiliate Scams

What constitutes an affiliate scam?

1. No contact information

2. Commissions to high -- (I know what you are saying ? but the commission looks so good? Are you sure?) Research ? people do no remain silent when they have been scammed on the Internet.

3. Your emails go unanswered.

4. Worse of all ? your affiliate checks bounce.

Work-At-Home Scams

Work-At-Home scammers will gear their sights to the Mom, who wants to work at home, or the individual who lost their job, or the individual who wants to supplement their income from an on-line venture. If you're looking for a work-at-home position remember these warning signs:

1. If you have to pay to get access to the site or database to make money ? could be a scam.

2. If you receive an email ? before joining ? that says something on the order of "No BS ? this is a legitimate offer!" Stay clear ? it is BS!

3. If you're not been paid ? strong indicator you have been scammed.

4. They change rules and pay days (to, of course, to string you along and avoid paying you).

Well, I can say I haven't encountered an affiliate scam, however, I've been hit with a work-at-home scam. It was my first initial attempt at finding work on the Internet before going into affiliate marketing. Anyway, I remember sending an email asking a question regarding, of all things, being paid. I received no response. So, I sent another email, stating that I could not access the link to their website and I was getting a 404 Error, and I was wondering if they could fix it. Yes, devious ? but wanted to know if they would reply. And yes, they did. I knew then, it was a scam.

Report Your Scams

The Internet may be a vast network of International players, but the word scam travels quickly and people listen. If you think the telephone was a good communication tool, well, the Internet is just as good ? and sometimes faster if you know where to go.

If you have been scammed and wish to prevent the scammers from getting richer and any new victims from getting poorer ? use the list below ? and report it.

However, please do not take this responsibility lightly -- if you are wronged, or treated badly -- but not scammed, do not report it. And remember -- a scam occurs when a program or a business misrepresents or makes promises that they do not keep.

Report A Scam ( You will report information here if you believe a program or business opportunity is misrepresenting itself or making promises that are not being kept. ( -- This is a site where you can report different types of scams: Telemarketing scams, Elder scams, Internet Fraud, Scams Against Businesses.

Rip-Off Report ( -- Rip-off Report is a consumer-to-consumer site, which is seen by over 2,892,077,866 people.

Better Business Bureau ( -- Never forget the Better Business Bureau -- when you file a complaint -- they will contact the organization to try and resolve the issue for you.

Web Assured ( You can file a complaint, as well as, look at their watch list. Companies are placed on their watch list when they blatantly disregard Internet standards.

Federal Trade Commission ? (

ScamWatch ( Scam Watch covers scams from financial to investments, pyramid schemes and miracle cure.

ScamBusters ( To conclude, when beginning work on the Internet, you will encounter obvious scams, and not so obvious scams. The key is research, and as always, Buyer Beware. If your gut gets an uneasy knot in it and, if you hear yourself saying, "This is just too good to be true?" -- Take note, it probably is.

Vickie J Scanlon has a BBA degree in Administrative Management and Marketing. She left the corporate world as an Reports Programmer, to begin her journey as an Internet marketer.

Visit her site at: for free tools, articles, ebooks, and how to info, income opportunities, affiliate opportunities, or check her blog for additional insights to the Affiliate Business ?

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