The Important Steps To Protect Your Kids on the Internet

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Internet is the ocean of knowledge. In this ocean you will find beautiful pearls of knowledge. Also you must not forget the lethal sharks (x rated sites) in this ocean, especially when you allow your innocent children to surf on it. The children are more vulnerable when they are using the Internet without close vigil of their parents.

If your unescorted children innocently search the Internet the chances of being they stumble into an adult site, are more. The solution is to keep a watch on their each and every activity, which is next to impossible.

The Internet is gift for knowledge hungry people; it's also a good tool for communication and learning. If you use the Internet for doing research & study then it's a gift for you but if you use Internet for surfing pornographic sites or chatting with anti-social elements, it will become a curse for you especially for your unescorted children.

Internet is an essential resource for your children to learn, read, write and to get knowledge. But as I said earlier there are some risks to our children when they are using the Internet hence parents need to be aware of those risks.

Previously the biggest threat for parents was the pornography but the latest threat is live chat rooms. The live chat rooms are the main media where sex hungry people target children in search of satiating their unnatural carnal needs. The online anonymity helps such people to deceive children easily. The children need to be careful when chatting online with stranger. Children can easily trust anybody. The parents must educate their children for what can happen in live chat since kids may innocently trust on any stranger online.

Read following tips carefully & protect your kids...

? First you need to teach yourself the use of the Computer and the Internet. Generally school children have more operating knowledge of computer and Internet than their parents.

? Openly communicate with your children and know their expectations from the computer and the Internet

? Never keep the computer in kid's bedroom, keep the computer in a room where it's easily accessible by parents.

? Closely watch kid's online activities.

? If every time it's not possible to keep close watch on your kid's online activity, use filter or parental control software that can block the porn sites and control the chat room activities of your child.

? Monitor the kid's inbox and keep close watch on emails they receive. If it's not possible, I will recommend you to use the parental control with email monitoring software.

? Educate your child about the importance of online privacy and prevent them from revealing the personal identity (name, address, and phone number etc.) to online strangers while chatting.

? The most important thing is to give more time to your kids so that they will not become the victims of online predators.

The unescorted children are the popular targets of predators. The lack of parental supervision tends the children to easily fall in the hands of online anti-social elements. I hope that above article will help you to protect your kid's privacy while surfing the Internet.

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