Virus and Adware - Fix them Both!

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We all get the odd virus now and then, but sometimes that one virus could cause so many problems. In this article I shall be going though just some of the problems that these virus software programs can do, and how to fix them.

One of the worst type of virus is one that effects the Boot Config, if this happens you will notice an error such as "Invalid boot sector" or "unaccessable boot device", there are many other errors for the same problem, if you don't get even a windows loading screen then your issue may be the Boot Config, sounds like a hard problem to fix don't it, infact its pretty easy. For this we shall need a Windows XP install CD, if your computer never come with one then please go down to where you paid for your PC and ask for one, insert the CD and then turn on your PC, you will get a text messege saying "To boot from CD press any key", so press anykey!, now wait for a few mintues untill it says the terms and conditions, read though them and then follow the onscreen instructions untill it warns of another operating system already installed. It will give you a option to go into the recovery console by pressing R, this is what we want to go into. Wait, and a Dos like screen will show itself, type the following "/fixmbr" and then "/exit", and then load up your PC and windows should load up. Now I would advice for you to do a virus scan using what ever software you use!

Another type of virus is one that cuts you of the network or internet often, these can be hard to fix as they most of the time merge with the system files. First of all check that you can't just fix it by using MSCONFIG (Start - Run - Msconfig - Startup - Disable all), if you can then do so and then run a virus checking peice of software, if this fails then read on. Load up in Windows safe mode (Press F6 before the windows loading screen and then select safe mode) and now wait for safemade to load, once loaded use your virus checking software to rid yourself of the virus that is creating this problem, almost all viruses can be removed from Safemode. If this fails then seek professional help or reinstall Windows.

Yet another type of virus is not really a virus its spyware and adware, this is the type of problem most people get and it is the most common caluse for computers to slow down over time, you may ask where you could get spyware from and the most common places are p2p software such as Kazaa or websites offering Illegal content or even porn sites, but you may also get it from any other type of site. Spyware and Adware are big issues for slowing down your PC so I am sure you want to get rid of them, to do so you will wish to download Anti-Spyware software and I reccomend Spysweeper by WebRoot, others may wish to try Ad-aware, download the anti-spyware tool you want and then UPDATE the softrware, now do a full system scan and go make a drink, when you get back the scan should be done and it will list all of the spyware and adware, right click and click remove all and then wait again for it to remove the software. When done it may ask you to reset, do so as surgested, but now you will want to get another peice of software called Spybot S&D, this is free and can be downloaded from, download and update that then run scan, it will find more spyware and adware so don't be shocked by thinking the other software did not work, in turn they work together to make a better peice of anti-spyware, Spybot also gives you the chance to immunize from some spyware, click that and now your system won't get the same spyware again. I reccomend doing a spyware check every 1 week.

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