Whats All This I Hear About Firewalls?

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At this point, if you've got the whole "turning the computer on" thing down; you are ready to learn about firewalls. Whether you use your computer for business or pleasure, it is important to have a firewall. If you use a high speed Internet connection like Cable modem or DSL, you are at a MUCH greater risk for someone to hack into your computer, ultimately giving them free rein to meddle in your files and your life.

A firewall basically limits access to your computer from the Internet; it does not protect your website (that is the responsibility of your webhost.) When you first install a firewall, it will alert you many times about possible threats to your computer. This means that an automated robot or someone who needs a life; is attempting to gain entry onto your computer. Chances are good that big time hackers will not bother with files belonging to someone with a small business, but the 8th grader down the street just might.

Begin by downloading a free firewall; you can visit for more information. I got my free firewall at, and it provides a decent amount of protection for beginners. As your business grows you will need to upgrade your software. Many sites sell firewalls for a fee, but I think you'll agree you'd rather pay the cash than lose your hard drive.

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