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Attitudes About Sex

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Attitudes About Sex


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Tip # 1:  Sex As Communication

One of the best ways a couple can learn each other more intimately is by making love. Sex is a very special form of communication in that most of the talking is done with our bodies instead of with spoken language. Certainly we communicate verbally when we discuss what we like in bed, what our sexual fantasies are, what we find comfortable and/or uncomfortable, and some of this discussion can occur during the lovemaking process. However, there is a silent communication between lovers that occurs during sex. It’s a sort of instinctive knowing that flows back and forth between partners. This is why sex is such an important and intimate act. It can bring human beings closer together than they ever imagined.

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Tip # 2:  Expectations and Pressures

Sometimes partners feel so much expectation to be a “good” lover that frustration can occur before sex even begins. Talk with your partner in a neutral atmosphere. Allow him/her to express how s/he feels openly. Do your best not to judge, even if what you hear is surprising to you. Keep in mind that as long as respect is mutual, there is nothing wrong or bad about any fantasy or desire your partner may have. This does not mean you are obligated to act on every wish your partner may put forward, but by listening with an open, mind trust is established between you. In the bedroom, this trust translates to better sex, no matter what happens between the sheets.

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