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Oral Sex

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Tip # 1: Fellatio »

Tip # 2: Fellatio: Where To Start »

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Tip # 1: Fellatio

Fellatio is the technical term for oral sex performed on a man. Its root is from the Latin verb meaning “to suck.” For many men, oral sex is a more intense experience than intercourse. This is due to the concentration of stimulation to the penis by mouth, tongue, and hands. Each man has different areas of concentrated sensitivity, so it’s important for a man to communicate what is pleasurable to him during oral sex. If he is not comfortable speaking out loud about his needs, he should gently guide his lover either with his hands or let her know when she’s doing the right thing by making some oral indication such as telling her he likes what she’s doing or sometimes even just a moan will send the message!

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Tip # 2: Fellatio: Where To Start

If a man is already aroused when you begin to perform fellatio, keep in mind that moving right to the sucking portion of the experience may be too much. Begin by kissing around the area. Massage his hips and thighs, even his belly. Running your fingers over his scrotum and up the shaft of his penis is a nice warm-up. You can begin to use your mouth, again, by kissing around the penis thereby building up arousal even more. There are a lot of nerve endings throughout the penis, with most of them concentrated at the tip. When you do take his penis into your mouth, keep this in mind. Don’t spend too much time stimulating the tip, rather lick along the length of the penis and return to the tip throughout the experience. As he gets closer to orgasm, more time can be spent on direct stimulation. Some men enjoy when their partners use their hand to duplicate the sucking motion of their mouth. Others prefer not to be stroked as well. Experiment to find out what your partner likes best.

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Tip # 3: Spit or Swallow

An uncomfortable question for a lot of women is what to do with a mouth full of semen after oral sex has ended. Some women have no problem swallowing the fluid. Some even enjoy the taste. Others are disgusted at the thought. There are a couple of options for discreet semen disposal. Women who don’t mind swallowing can simply collect the semen under their tongue, where there are no taste buds before swallowing. If she really doesn’t wish to swallow, she can always continue sucking during ejaculation and, if using her hand, let the semen serve as a final lubricant to enhance the final moments of release.

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Tip # 4: Cunnilingus: Where To Start

Begin by making sure the woman is comfortable, preferably reclining, perhaps with a pillow under her hips (this can assist you as well by giving you a better angle). Kiss and or gently lick around the outside of her vagina, up over her belly, and along her thighs. You can spread her labia -- the “lips” of her vagina -- with your tongue or fingers and tease around the clitoris. It’s not advisable to begin directly stimulating the clitoris as some women find this too intense. Once you’ve built up enough arousal, softly lick on and around her clitoris. Alternate movements of your tongue, paying close attention to how she reacts. This will allow you to learn which movements she likes more than others. You may also wish to incorporate penetration of the vagina with a finger or two. You can stimulate her G-Spot by curving your finger upward toward the front of her vagina while stimulating her clitoris with your tongue. Be creative with your cunnilingus technique and listen to your partner to discover what works for her.

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