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Sex Positions

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Tip # 1: Female Superior or Woman On Top »

Tip # 2: Missionary »

Tip # 3: Blossoming Flower »

Tip # 4: Butterfly »

Tip # 5: Pressed or Push-and-Pull »

Tip # 6: Pair of Tongs »

Tip # 7: Congress of Cow / Doggie-Style / Piercing Tiger »

Tip # 8: On The Side »

Tip # 9: The Spoon »

Tip # 10: Hiding in the Crevice »

Tip # 1: Female Superior or Woman On Top

Sometimes a woman wants to take charge during lovemaking. When a woman sits or lies on top of her partner, this is called the "Female Superior" position. And it can be superior for everyone involved! In Female Superior positions, the woman is able to better manipulate penetration to facilitate orgasm. This is a perfect position to stimulate the G-Spot, in fact. Lean your torso forward and arch your back, keeping yourself close to the base of his penis. Try rocking back and forth (not bouncing up and down). Squeeze your P.C. muscles once you've got a nice rhythm going. Another option is to lean back and place your hands on his thighs. This time, move up and down along his penis. At this angle, you'll get great stimulation of the G-Spot. And your partner gets a great angle to watch your pleasure.

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Tip # 2: Missionary Position

The most common sex position is the man-on-top "Missionary" position. Many may think this is a boring position (and it can be!) but it provides many positives as well. First, there is a better chance for intimacy in this position. You and your partner are able to look each other in the eyes as you make love. Also, women often find this position optimal for clitoral stimulation, either by hand or by close connection with her partner's pelvic bone as he penetrates. You may be surprised to know that women have a lot of control in this position. Elevating the hips makes for deeper penetration, and swiveling them in rhythm with her partner's thrusting creates a more intimate and pleasurable experience.

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Tip # 3: Blossoming Flower Position

A variation on the Missionary position is the Blossoming Flower. In this position, the woman lies on her back and lifts her legs up. With her legs spread and open in this manner, she takes on the appearance of a flower in bloom. She can grasp under her knees for better leverage, as well. This is an excellent position for deep penetration, easy access to the clitoris, and face-to-face intimacy between partners. Long periods in this position may create kinks in the woman’s legs, but since the woman’s hands are free, she can always use them to massage her legs while penetration occurs.

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Tip # 4: Butterfly Position

One of the sex positions that was touted as “revolutionary” a few years ago is the Butterfly. It’s a bit tricky since proper alignment is necessary. The location needs to be a place where the woman’s pelvis is about a foot lower than the man’s. This could be a tall bed, desk, countertop, even a large exercise ball. The woman lies back while the man stands in front. (If the surface is very low, he may be able to kneel instead.) Now, the woman lifts her legs and rests her feet on her partner’s shoulders. She tilts her pelvis up so that he back becomes straight and forms a straight line, angling up toward the man, and both crotches meet. The man can place his hands just under his partner’s hips so he can hold her at the perfect angle while he thrusts. In this position, the pelvic tilt is ideal for G-Spot stimulation and deep penetration. An excellent tip is not to rush this one. Use a lot of lubrication and go slowly. With so many sensations going on, the orgasm that follows will be momentous!

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Tip # 5: Pressed or Push-and-Pull Position

In the Pressed Position, the man is very much in control. The woman lies on her back, with her legs together. She lifts her feet and presses them to the man’s chest. This position offers a good deal of friction. The man can grasp his partner’s hips to aid in thrusting. He needs to pay attention to her comfort level, however, as this position can be uncomfortable at certain angles or if continued for a long period of time. A variation of this position is the Half-pressed. Here, the woman leaves one leg free, letting it rest to the side or placing it on her partner’s shoulder. Better access to the clitoris is experienced, and it’s also a nice way to change up the position without stopping rhythm.

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Tip # 6: Pair of Tongs

This is a great woman-on-top sex position if you and your partner want to turn things around, literally! In Pair of Tongs, the man lies back and the woman faces opposite him. There’s plenty of variation in this position. The woman can lie back and lift her hips slightly, giving her partner room to thrust from underneath. Or, she can sit up and control penetration herself, not to mention clitoral stimulation. It’s a great opportunity to introduce sex toys like vibrators into the act as well. The woman can use them on herself as well as her partner. One word of warning for women: Keep in mind a man’s comfort and pay attention to how far forward you bend!

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Tip # 7: Congress of the Cow / Doggie-Style / Piercing Tiger

No matter what you call this rear-entry position, it's a popular one for G-Spot stimulation. The man stands or kneels behind and vaginally penetrates the woman who is typically on all fours. Men like this position, as it offers a new and exciting view of their partner. He is also able to control penetration by grasping his partner’s hips. Women have perfect access not only to their clitoris, but to her partner’s testicles as well. Many men love to be stroked or even squeezed in this area as they thrust. Women with back problems should be careful not to arch their back too much. Men can assist by not pulling upward on their partners’ hips. As it is with many positions, it’s best to go slowly when entering from this angle. Also be sure to use plenty of lubrication.

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Tip # 8: On The Side

A lovely and intimate sex position is On the Side. In this position, you face each other while lying on your sides. Think of Missionary position turned to a 90-degree angle. The woman can lift her top leg over her partner’s hips, allowing him to enter her easily. Variations are endless here. Either or both of you can lift up on your elbows for leverage. You can even angle back down 45 degrees, for more friction. This position doesn’t allow for much clitoral stimulation, but that is easily fixed: The man stays lying on his side, while the woman lies perpendicular to him, draping her knees over his hips (or, if she spreads her legs, her knees actually rest on his waist/ribs and thigh, respectively). This is a fantastic position for clitoral stimulation and mutual control of penetration. And it’s a great for when neither of you really feels like “being on top”!

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Tip # 9: The Spoon

We all know The Spoon to be a nice way to cuddle, but it makes an excellent sexual position as well. Both man and woman lie on their sides, the woman facing away from the man. The man enters from behind. If the woman keeps her legs closed tightly, there is better friction. She can even bend her torso forward and anchor herself so that she can offer a little resistance during the thrusting, which increases penetration. However, she can certainly lift her top leg for easier access to the clitoris. Her partner can even hold her leg up so that it won’t get tired and/or as an anchor while he thrusts. Not surprisingly, this is a popular morning sex position, as couples awaken and get snuggly.

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Tip # 10: Hiding in the Crevice

In this sex position, the woman lies on her belly, and the man lies on top. Some women may find it more comfortable to have a pillow underneath them. Legs are kept straight, and the man enters from behind. For men with longer penises whose partners have trouble accommodating them, this is a great position, as the woman can squeeze her buttock and P.C. muscles, giving the illusion of having a longer vaginal canal. The man can lift himself up slightly and kiss or blow on his partner’s back for added stimulation. Both partners’ hands are free for interlacing fingers or light touching, which makes this a very intimate position even though you are not face-to-face.

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