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Top 10 Sex Games

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Top 10 Sex Games to Play with your Partner. Sex should be fun and sometimes it takes a little creativity. If you are searching google for "Sex Games" or Date night ideas, you are likely in a little rut and need a little stolen creativity. That is perfectly fine. Many of these games have been around for year. They are designed to bring back a spark and help you both feel a little younger again. 

  1. Virgin in the back seat of the car - Find a safe, secure and private place to park.  Although you may not have a '65 Mustang Fastback, let's face it, the Honda Minivan has much more space.  She needs to play a little hard to get and like it is her first time. 
  2. Half Naked Twister - Keep a little close on and oil up with some baby oil. When you get into an interesting possition, give her a few kisses on the neck, inner thigh, etc.  
  3. Eskimo in the Igloo – Gather up some pillows and build an old time fort out of pillows.  Sounds childish, but the soft, warm space is great in the winter time. Given that it is made out of pillows, you can get creative with them and discover some new angles and positions. 
  4. 50 Shades of Grey – We are not suggestion you go full on BDSM and build your own Red Room, but there a little lite spanking can spice things up.  Take some note cards or even Post-It notes and write down a few tame fetish.  Make her pick one without knowing what she is getting.  Spanking, toe sucking, blind fold, etc.  
  5. Dare to go bare – Break out the electric trimer and razor and make it fun.  We suggest a quick bubble bath first, it makes shaving those sensitive spots easier. 
  6. Speed Dating …Sex version – Create a list of things you want done to you and done to her.  Catch, you only have 1 minute to perform each act.  1 minute of nipple licking, 1 minute of BJ, 1 minute of ice in the small of the back.  Make sure you each have about 10 cards or list items. 
  7. OOPs, I forgot my underwear – Ladies, when you go out to dinner, forget your panties. Let him know about the time the main dish comes.  He may not want to order desert because his mind will be racing. 
  8. Tie me up, tie me down – First, pick safe words. Make it be something like that will be clear.  “No” or “Baby” make terrible safe words. For most, stockings or some neck ties are the perfect solution. Others want something a little sturdier. If you want something sturdier, visit your local Adam Eve store and get some real restraints. 
  9. Sex Position “To Do” list – To keep it exciting, read the Kama Sutra or look at a guide on positions.  Then make a list of the ones you want to try.  Work down the 10 “To Do”.  
  10. Porn Star Sex – Find an adult video you both like and are comfortable watching.  Then re-watch it, but attempt to keep up and exceed the actors.  The idea is that the man can last longer than the porn star.  If he is on top, you be on top. If she is, then mimic that position.  
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