Adultery: Problems, People, and Pain

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Let's consider the problems caused by adultery:

In the Workplace, Courts and Nation:

1. Presidents are embarrassed, humiliated, and squander integrity. 2. Politician's loss elections. 3. CEO's are let go and replaced when adultery is exposed. 4. Ministers fall from grace leaving the pulpit behind. 5. Celebrities' careers are short lived. 6. Employers fire employees for committing adultery on company time. 7. Production output decreases for those involved in adulterous relationships. 8. Adultery interferences with professional ethics. 9. Adultery causes poor work habits. 10. Adultery wastes time with emails, phone calls, late lunches, or shifted focus from production to pleasure. 11. Innocent employees lose hope until workplace affairs end. 12. Secretaries are used as shields to defer the truth from a suspecting spouse. This involvement creates tension, bitterness and resentment for the person asked to lie and cover up. 13. Adultery taxes corporate bottom lines. 14. Adultery removes successful people from their careers. 15. Adultery fosters deceptive practices on the job, i.e., using legitimate business trips for affairs. 16. Adultery distracts otherwise productive employees from their tasks. 17. Adultery drains the energy, emotions, and wisdom from employees. 18. Workplace adultery weakens good work ethics. 19. Adultery topples kings. 20. Adultery is a misdemeanor in most states. 21. Adultery brings heavy punishment to those in the military. 22. A single person involved in an adulterous affair is guilty of adultery. 23. Except for a few states both people implicated are punished. 24. Adultery is a felony in Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Idaho and Michigan. 25. Adultery is a misdemeanor everywhere else. 26. Adultery is a social problem. 27. Adultery can be treated - if the parties involved have a strong desire to change. 28. Adultery requires consent. 29. Adultery affects nations. 30. Adultery is often protrayed by TV production firms as glamorous.

At Home:

1. Adultery breaks up marriages. 2. Adultery causes children to look inwardly rather than have an understanding of the truth. 3. Adultery robs children of financial resources. 4. Adultery looks good for the moment but shatters even the best relationships. 5. Adultery fosters home sales. 6. Adultery closes out bank accounts. 7. Adultery increases business for the legal community. 8. Adultery generates clients for therapists, social workers, law enforcement, and the health services community. 9. Adultery stimulates a sense of distrust for family - now and in the future. 10. Adultery occurs in secret. 11. Adultery generates for revenues hotels, motels and lodges. 12. Adultery scars a good reputation. 13. Adultery limits one's ability to be trusted. 14. Adultery taxes family courts. 15. Family members are directly affected and have little control over the situation. 16. Adultery is expensive. 17. Adultery is dishonest, deceptive, and deceitful behavior. 18. Adultery affects neighbors whose choices become avoidance, defense, or rationalization. 19. Adultery is the most deadly of behavior a child can experience. 20. Adultery is often a learned behavior. 21. Surviving adultery is a lifetime event. 22. Adultery causes stress, emotional upheavals, bitterness, resentment, and destruction. 23. Marriages consummated in adultery rarely survive. 24. Adultery offers little positive rewards for marriages. 25. Adultery complicates children's futures. 26. Adultery scars children for life. 27. Adultery deprives children of a sense of security.

The Church:

1. Adultery is one of the most dreadful sins. 2. Adultery stripes churches of good leaders. 3. Adultery stimulates gossip, ill will, and resentment. 4. Adultery can be forgiven but often never forgotten. 5. Adultery leads to division within the church. 6. Adultery is grounds for annulment. 7. Adultery is a broken commandment that requires forgiveness, repentance, and restitution.

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? Bill Mitchell, Seven-Day Detective 2005

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Bill Mitchell is the author of 2 books including Adultery: Facing Its Reality and The More You Know ? Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship (Eagle's Nest Publications, LLC 2004).

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