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Ladies! Yes, we were all born with the same anatomy. And yes, we fully know how to give ourselves pleasure by exploring our erogenous zones. But, do we know the proper techniques needed to pleasure another woman orally? We have all heard it said that it takes a woman to fully pleasure another woman because she knows what she wants and what is pleasurable. Allow me to say that every woman requires a certain technique to push her over the edge and onto the wings of an ultimate orgasm. This must be learned individually. Knowing what we want and what pleasures us does not give us the techniques needed to perform them.

Allow me to share with you what I have learned. First, let's remember that the little "button", the clit, comes in different sizes. Some are smaller, some are larger but thank God, they are all located in the same place. My first experience left me thinking, "Geeezzz, how in the world do guys find such a small piece of flesh in the dark" Remember, her clit may feel differently from yours and besides, you have never felt this with your tongue before. I have discovered that the best way to start is to place your tongue at the entrance of her vagina and lick your way up slowly.

Lightly suck and pull on each side of her labia, her lips. This will increase the blood flow, her lips will swell and her arousal will be heightened. continue licking upward until your tongue reaches her clit. At this point it should be swollen and erect, peeking out of it's hood. With the tip of your taunt tongue, lick counter clockwise all the way around her clit. Counter clockwise is key here, I have no clue why but trust me, it is. As you continue to lick around her clit, try to place the tip of your tongue just inside her hood and continue licking counter clockwise. Notice her reaction and remember that we enjoy constant stimulation to our clit so if it's working continue until she orgasms.

I have found this to be a good starting point. As you become more confident, add other techniques for added pleasure. Practice makes perfect so if you can't seem to "take her to the heavens" the first time, no worries, it may not be you or your technique. Simply look forward to the next encounter.

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