Halloween Lingerie ? Leave the Kids at Home

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Unfortunately, around the corner is the waiting season of autumn. Even though there are many wonderful things about the fall season, it just can't replace summer. Or can it? There are several occasions when you will find yourself inside rather than out. It's important to make the most out of it, any way you can. Lingerie is one way to keep the summer heat going way past its due.

Halloween is just one example of when adult halloween costumes can be worn. It doesn't even have to be halloween! There is just something about costumes that make adventure really come to life. There is a costume for just about any imaginary fantasy and lingerie fetish. Finding what gets your partner going is enough reason to keep exploring the possibilities.

Everyone has their own idea of what is sexy and sensual. That's what makes us all so special. To each their own, but it is still fun to share with others. Find some good ideas to put together your halloween costume together before its too late. You can either make your own or buy one of the many that are for sale on the web. The selections are literally endless. Here are some basic ideas:

  • Police officer ? its always fun to frisk and get frisked
  • Superwoman ? for your superman
  • Cheerleader ? support the home team
  • Catwoman ? don't cross her path
  • Naughty school girl ? no explanation needed
  • Nurse ? blood pressure checks
  • French maid ? a man's best friend

Now we can't leave the guys out of dress up and let them have all the fun. The ladies like to see them in little sexy outfits too! The guys might not have quite the selection that is offered for the women, but they are getting better all the time. Some ideas for him include:

  • Police officer ? cuff 'em and stuff 'em
  • Sailor ? ahoy sailor!
  • Knight ? in shining armor
  • Cowboy ? gidde up!
  • Pirate ? Arrr Maty!
  • Devil ? bad boys always get the girl
  • Superman ? brute strength and can fly

It probably goes without saying that there are some wonderful powers that come along with costume lingerie. The problem is getting comfortable with yourself in your new intimates. It's not the fabric that makes the lingerie sexy; it's the person who's wearing it. You don't need to wait for halloween. Book a room for a Tuesday night.

Take your time introducing lingerie into your relationship. Some people are not comfortable in the beginning. Tell your partner that there is a gift you would like to share with them. They won't be disappointed. In most cases, there is some sort of fetish that gets developed. Lingerie is meant to be enjoyed together, so be patient with your partner. Taking chances is usually a good thing!

Robb Ksiazek writes and publishes intimate information for He believes that two souls are more fulfilled when they are faced with close encounters.

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