Hitler Youth Attacked Homosexuals

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In NAZI Germany the Hitler Youth had a history of attacking homosexuals. There are cases of beatings, hate crimes and even execution style murders. Today we find the Pope, Benedict XVI, in a situation of denial. Can the Catholic Church once again re-write their own history and the history of the World to stay in power? Can the Catholic Church use the leaders of the free world to cover for them and praise the new Pope into legitimacy?

We see a hands off approach to the media on the new Pope, we see positive talk about Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church. Little mention is being made of the sexual molestation and exploitation of the Catholic Church in the United States. There is little mention that the former Pope and his close Cardinals allowed Cardinal Law to come back to Vatican to hide out from molestation charges and conspiracy to molest young Americans. This went on for decades. If anyone else were to do such a thing we would track them down across the Globe and bring them to justice. But somehow it is okay for the former Pope and his closest Cardinal, now Pope Benedict XVI, to betray our trust in them.

The German Cardinal turned Pope Benedict joined the Hitler Youth, while many others refused and left the country. The question has been posed; "would Jesus have joined the Hitler Youth?" The answer is obvious. So then a man who spent his youth indoctrinated in hatred rather than leaving the country like many others had is now the Pope. Would Jesus have joined the Hitler youth? He may have had to drive an SUV if he were alive today to transport his Disciples or perhaps a 'bread box' looking mini school bus, but he would have never joined the Hitler Youth. We are quite certain he would not have joined the Hitler Youth like Benedict XVI did.

We are quite certain Jesus would not have engaged in the beating, torture, ridicule and murdering of Homosexuals or Jews in the Hitler Youth. We are quite certain he would not have thrown stones thru windows of Jews, he was Jewish himself. Before we accept the answer to the question of Benedicts XVI's participation in the Hitler Youth, we ought to think through the reality. Can we trust the Catholic Church after they have molested our Children, hire a former Hitler Youth as their King Pin and chase money and power over what is just and right for the whole of humanity? Jesus would not have joined the Hitler Youth and Benedict XVI cannot speak for Jesus after betraying his vision.

Can the Catholic Church unite the world when they pick a Pope who was involved in humanities largest and failed attempt to divide it? Is it time for the Catholic Church, child molesting Priests and cultism ways to come to an end? How can we follow a man who drives around in a ridiculous "PopeMobile" and wears weird clothes and get ups, then walks around like a man disguised as a God? How can we follow the Catholic Church, which spends on lavish buildings, gold, art and trinkets while their followers live in severe disease and poverty? Many would like answers and the first question is; "Would Jesus have joined the Catholic Church? You make the call. Think about it.

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