Introducing Lingerie to Your Lover

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Most people are aware of lingerie and what it is intended for, but not everyone is comfortable with it. You and your partner may still be getting comfortable with each other, or maybe you are still trying to get comfortable with yourself. Either way, lingerie can be somewhat intimidating.

Not all of us are a supermodel, that's why they can be. Your body is beautiful no matter what shape and size it is. There is lingerie to fit all sizes of ladies and men. You can find intimate apparel the way you want it to fit your body.

Why not Lingerie?

Getting past the self-esteem issue is probably the most difficult, but it doesn't have to take that long. It might take some time to introduce sexy lingerie into your relationship, and that's ok. It's intended to be an icebreaker and a novelty, so just enjoy it.

There are some tips to bring lingerie out of the closet and into your love life:

  • Be prepared. Do some shopping and have it ready when you are. Bring a friend for some fashion advice. Don't be afraid to ask the store clerks for advice, that's what they do.
  • Variety. The spice of life, and the bedroom. Don't limit yourself to one style of lingerie. There is too much to enjoy. You might like what you never would have considered.
  • Start slowly. Add some sexy panties and bras. Go from there.
  • Call on courage. Sometimes you just need to take chances. You did this in your high school with fashion, so why not now?
  • Create and occasion. You don't need a special event to discover intimate apparel. A Tuesday night might just create the occasion you were looking for. Sometimes the just because moments are all you need to make it right.
  • Give in. Ask your partner what he or she would like to see you in. If they're stimulated, you will be too.
  • Don't be selfish. Pick out something for your lover. They will appreciate the thought and you'll appreciate it on.
    • Lingerie is really about giving. The look on your partners face will be enough gratitude. Just always think about new ways to make your evenings intimate.

      Intimate Apparel is Just the Beginning

      Sensual lingerie is just a start; there are many other avenues you can take to make things interesting in the bedroom. They don't necessarily have to be all about getting in bed.

      • Baths. Draw one for your lover. No one has ever turned this one down. Replace the bubbles with rose petals; your florist will help you with this one.
      • Back rubs. This one's a no-brainer. It's rumored that something like ninety two percent of backrubs are started in the living room and finish in the bedroom.
      • Chocolate. Both men and women appreciate it. Eat it off of plates, or each other. Just remember that you will eventually have to clean it up.
      • Fireplaces. Nothing frees the mind like a toasty fire. Well, almost nothing?
      • Alcohol. Some prefer wine, others tequila. Cheers!
        • The whole idea is romance. Most men, and a few women, have an extremely hard time with it. But it really isn't that hard. Take chances on lingerie and intimate encounters. Even if they don't turn out exactly as planned, you'll still make a sensual impression on your partner. It's the thought that counts, and next time you'll do it better!

          Robb Ksiazek writes and publishes intimate secrets for He believes that romance is an experience between two souls who dare to give it a chance.

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