Is He Gay?

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The following signs may help you decide if your boyfriend or husband may be gay.

He may be gay if:

*his razor is in the bath tub or shower.
*his magazine collection contains Men's Fitness Magazines.
*his magazine collection contains a lot of fashion magazines.
*he works in retail.
*he does regular facials.
*he actually likes to dance.
*he doesn't have a lisp but it sounds like he does.
*he has had sex with another man.
*his music collection contains Christina or Justin.
*he is still walking when the treadmill hits 6 miles per hour.

He's likely gay if:

*he likes gay pornography.
*he's a waiter.
*his name is Chad, Jeremy or Josh.
*he shaves his body hair.
*he calls his male friends girlfriend.
*he calls anything fabulous.
*he watches day time television, or any show about cooking or decorating
*he watches Will & Grace.
*when he is asked if he is gay, he has to think about his answer and answers in a politically correct way.
*he has a loofah in the shower.
*he works in retail.
*he is obsessed with body image.
*his music collection contains a lot of house or techno.
*he knows who Margaret Cho is.

He's more than likely gay if:

*he's a hairdresser.
*he has more underwear than you.
*his diet contains any of the following: E, K, G Crystal or Poppers.
*he spends a lot of time dancing with his shirt off.
*he chooses to go by Stephen, Patrick or Jonathan.
*when asked if he is gay, he aggressively answer that he is straight.
*he prefers to have sex with other men.
*he has a boyfriend.
most of his female friends are overweight.
*he is far more attractive than you.
*he has more girlfriends than guy friends.
*his wardrobe consists of shirts that have Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic or Abercrombie logos on them.
*he watches Friends.
*he knows what a loofah is.
*he lives in the city and still drives a pick up truck.
*he's a male figure skater.
*his music collection contains any of the following: Madonna, Britney, Kylie, Barbara, Celine, Shania or Cher.

He's definitely gay if:

*if he has ever been involved in a gay bashing.
*he is not the parent of a male figure skater, yet, he likes watching figure skating.

Lindsay Wincherauk is a co-author of Seed's Sketchy Relationship Theories - A Guide to the Perils of Dating (How not to become a bar regular).

Lindsay Wincherauk (aka: the seed) is an aspiring author, photographer, entrepreneur and comic. Over the last several years he has discovered his passion: writing and photography. He loves formulating new ideas and images. He is driven by life and feels life is meant to be lived to the fullest. He takes his inspiration from life's challenges and believes that we need to look at life from different angles to see the true beauty in things. He believes that life is best lived in the "moment" and that if you open your mind and eyes to the possibilities, you may discover greatness.

He has traveled to 18 different countries, has been a Best Man 6 times, a Pallbearer 3 times, and he is a Godfather. He has hung out with Rastafarians, Russians, Clowns and Drag Queens. He feels it is vitally important to embrace differences. He has co-authored one book and has two more in the works, which will be released in the not-too-distant future.

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