Leather Lingerie Not Just For B&D

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Leather lingerie, once thought of as just for the bondage and discipline hard core sexes, is rapidly becoming not just a fashion statement, but is finding it's way into the milder side of sexual play of even the most conservative.

Leather lingerie is considered by most as form of sexual role-play, with a sense of submission, power and control of your partner. But it also has a playful side that perhaps should not be ignored, especially for those that are new to wearing leather.

The look, the feel, and even the smell are bound (no pun intended) to elicit the desires and fantasies of those involved.

If your new to leather you may want to forego the designs with chains, studs and nail heads, and opt for something a little more on the lighter side, such as a sexy leather teddy, corset, or even simply thongs and bras.

Of course leather lingerie is still not for everyone, but to truly know you have to take the chance and see for yourself. What do you have to lose except the chance to rekindle the passion and excitement of a night filled with sexual energy that will certainly leave you begging for more?

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