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Infidelity: an ugly beast that most people must deal with.

Let us make something perfectly clear: nobody cheats by accident. It is never a mistake. Can you imagine? "Honey, I was walking down the street and I tripped and next thing you know I was having sex. It was an accident."

Tripping is an accident, cheating is ... CHEATING. It is that cut and dried.

Scenario 1 plays out sort of like this: you have struck up a bit of relationship with someone at work. Every day is filled with flirting. The two of you anticipate the day when you will finally get to consummate your friendship.

One problem: She has a boyfriend. Well, it is not really a problem. You must ask yourself two simple questions: do you actually like this person and can you in all honesty imagine having a relationship with her?

If the answer is "Yes", then there is no problem at all. You have to let her know that the flirting must come to a stop.

It is not fair to her boyfriend, or for that matter, to you. As long as she is attached you will no longer partake in this behaviour. You must make this perfectly clear.

Scenario 2:

You or the love of your life has strayed for some reason and have spent some time in someone else's sandbox, toy room or whatever euphemism you choose to use for the infidelity.

Your relationship may be on the rocks. Perhaps you even truly love the person you are with. Yet due to your own dysfunctions, you feel trapped.

There are a few things that may happen. It may be a one-time thing, or something your mate stumbles across by accident.

Maybe they confront you with it because they have some hard evidence.

Or maybe someone you know, a friend, a family member or worse yet, someone who has ulterior motives, knows and informs you of it.

If you are the one doing the cheating, you soulless, spineless ... Please take a step back and realize what pain and suffering you are about to inflict.

Why are you about to do this to someone you love? A simple answer: All because of your own selfishness. If you can't keep it in your pants, then get out of your relationship.

If you are the one being cheated on, the answer is simple, but it may not be something that you want to hear.

There is almost no excuse for the disrespect and if you are to find out, you must initially leave.

That is your only option. If you don't, you will never find the respect that you deserve and maybe you don't even deserve that respect.

Author Bio:

Lindsay Wincherauk (aka: the seed) is an aspiring author, photographer, entrepreneur and comic. Over the last several years he has discovered his passion: writing and photography. He loves formulating new ideas and images. He is driven by life and feels life is meant to be lived to the fullest. He takes his inspiration from life's challenges and believes that we need to look at life from different angles to see the true beauty in things. His work captures individual beauty. He believes that life is best lived in the "moment" and that if you open your mind and eyes to the possibilities, you may discover greatness.

He has traveled to 18 different countries, has been a Best Man 6 times, a Pallbearer 3 times, and he is a Godfather. He has hung out with Rastafarians, Russians, Clowns and Drag Queens. He feels it is vitally important to embrace differences. He has co-authored one book and has two more in the works, which will be released in the not-too-distant future.

Lindsay Wincherauk is a co-author of Seed's Sketchy Relationship Theories - A Guide to the Perils of Dating (How not to become a bar regular).

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