Pleasing Her

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Many men worry about climaxing before their partner. Unlike a woman, when a man climaxes, he must stop. If his partner has not climaxed yet then she has to wait for him to be begin again. This may lead to the man not enjoying sex as much as he is forced to control of himself.

To make matters worse, on average a man climaxes in three to four minutes, while for a woman it may take up to fifteen minutes.

One answer is oral sex. By performing cunnilingus on his partner a man can give his partner an orgasm or orgasms. The problem with this is that some women cannot orgasm through cunnilingus alone. As one lady told me - "Oral is nice, but it's dick that does it."

Another answer is the use of sex toys. But some women are uncomfortable using them, at least in the presence of their partner.

Now what if I told you that there was a sexual technique that practically guaranteed your lover an orgasm? Not only that, what if this technique also, in some cases, made it easier for her to orgasm through penile penetration? What if this technique gave her an orgasm more intense than any she had before?

Imagine using this technique on your lover and giving her an earth-shattering orgasm. Imagine then making love to her and you both climaxing. Imagine the satisfaction you would both have.

Imagine never worrying about being able to please your partner again.

This sexual technique exists. I call it "The Eros Hummingbird" and it's revealed in an eBook you can buy from my web site, This eBook comes with a money-back guarantee and is available for instant download.

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