Spice It Up By Talking Dirty in the Bedroom

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Have you ever been asked by your partner to talk dirty in bed? Of course you have, almost everybody enjoys a little pillow talk in the bedroom. The problem is, of course, when your partner asks you to say something dirty, and your mind draws a blank. Or worse, you freeze up; you aren't comfortable saying those things aloud.

Talking dirty is easy, once you get started. The most important thing to remember is to stay relaxed and natural. If you are feeling a little nervous about saying anything in the bedroom, an easy way to start is simply by telling your partner when he does something you like. Simply say, "Oh yeah, I like it when you touch me there." Nothing will fire up your partner like hearing your voice complimenting him on his moves!

Once you are warmed up, you can start moving on to a little more advanced talk. Use whatever words you feel comfortable with, you don't have to use filthy language. But remember, it is not sexy to use clinical terms. The word vagina, although proper, is not sexy. You do not have to sound like a porn star, but with the proper tone of voice and a few choice words you will drive your partner crazy.

If you are ready to drive your partner crazy with some filthy talk in bed, start asking him questions. Try saying something like, "You like it when I touch you there don't you?" Of course, these are rhetorical questions, but of course, your partner will be too worked up to answer you anyway!

Remember that dirty talk should not be confined to the bedroom; take it out of the bedroom to really kick up your sex life. Whisper in your partner's ear what you plan on doing to him when you get home while you are out at a party. Because you are in public, and there is nothing that he can do, he will be unable to contain himself.

You may be a little nervous when you first start to talk dirty in bed, but once you are warmed up, you may not be able to stop yourself! Once you get started, you will not only be turning your partner on, but you will be firing yourself up as well and you may not be able to stop!

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