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Are You SURE Your Link Partners Still Link to You?

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It's a fact. While most link partners are scrupulously honest a few are little more than link scam artists. They'll take a link from you to them. Put up your link back. But then when you're not looking take yours down.

They win. You lose.

Now I'm not saying this happens a lot. But it does happen. And if you're the type this would irritate, you've got to have a way to keep your link partners honest.

You do so by monitoring your links. Not like a neurotic every day - unless you want to. But more like a checking the oil in your car. Maybe once a month. Or every six weeks. You know just to keep things on the up and up?

Now sure, if you've got nothing better to do, you can do this checking by hand.

? Keep a list of link partners.

? Note the page your link appears on.

? One by one go to the sites, scan the page and eyeball your link. Up front and personal.

Of course if you're like me, you're constantly running out of day before running out of work.

Besides why do it the hard way when there are some ready made, inexpensive or free even, tools to automate the task for you? Some are loaded with features with a price to match. Others do one thing and do it well - monitor your links.

====> The Candidates

Link Check Pro

Reciprocal Link Monitor

Reciprocal Link Checker 1.0

Reciprocal Manager

Automatic Link Checker

Reciprocal Link Spider

Now you can scurry off and check out each of these and try to decide which might be right for you.

Or if you prefer I can make it easy for you

====> The Envelope Please?

My favorite and the one I use is Reciprocal Link Monitor.

I like this one because it runs on your desktop, it's brain dead simple to use and it's sole mission in life is to monitor links. Even better since it's been sold with reprint rights it can be found online dirt cheap.

It's so easy to use my 80 year old dad could almost do it.

All you do is create a text file of the URLs where your link is supposed to be. (If you've got more than one site then create one for each.)

Import that text file into Reciprocal Link Monitor.

Add the exact URL you want it to find on your partners page.

Then unleash Reciprocal Link Monitor and let the software do it's thing.

No muss. No fuss. Check as often as you like.

====> The Runner Up?

Like a junk yard dog Automatic Link Checker is ever vigilant. Ever watchful.

What some may especially like about this one is it automatically checks your links for you DAILY. And sends you a report of what it does or doesn't find.

Plus it's cheap.

Even better the brilliant minds behind Automatic Link Checker will install it for peanuts.

If you admire constant vigilance, then this one is for you.

====> The Deal Beyond the Deal

But wait. There's a second application here we don't want to overlook.

You see, while it's proper protocol to let your new links partner know you put their link up, you'll soon discover not everyone can be bothered. Leaving that little pain-in-the-neck task of verification up to you.

Well, let's eliminate it. Here's how?

When on the prowl for new links (and you are nearly every day, right?) create a list of the links pages of recent link solicitations. Quickly check them with Reciprocal Link Monitor. That's right let the software check for the presence or absence of new links each day or two. This way you'll be aware of new links whether your new partner lets you know or not.

So this is how you can rest easy and KNOW for sure that your link partners still link back to your site. I'll leave it up to you to decide what to do with those link rustlers who once did but now don't.

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