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Book Yourself Solid Key #5: Go Forward With Gusto & Articulate What You Do

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Want your small business to flip instead of flop?! Statistically half of the entrepreneurs reading this will be out of business in three short years. Establishing a long standing, profitable and successful business absolutely depends on your ability to convey a clear message. A heartfelt message that tells clients exactly what you do, the specific 'invest-able opportunities' you bring to the table and all the ways clients will have a bigger, better, fuller life as a result of working with you.

The attention span of your clients is short and they are bombarded with massive amounts of advertising, junk mail and spam. Cut through the clutter and use solution speak that's genuine and from the heart.

People don't buy products or services. "Hi, I'm a business coach" is a technical and boring description of what I do. It will get lost in the shuffle. Instead I use a short benefit driven message to capture the attention of my ideal clients. I stay focused on my clients' deep-rooted needs and how I can get them life changing results in a quick "30 second commercial" or "elevator speech."

Here's a sample of my "elevator speech."

"You know how many self-employed professionals feel frustrated and overwhelmed because they don't have enough clients? Well, I coach them in the 7 keys to Booking Themselves Solid. The result is a thriving business with more clients than they can handle!"

Now it's your turn. Think in terms of what's in it for them and build yourself an "elevator speech."


You know how some? (summarize and describe the ideal clients you are speaking to or about) __________________________________________ ?do, are or feel? (identify and summarize what your clients' biggest and most immediate problems are) ___________________________________ Well, what I do is? (how your offering(s)solve their problems) The benefit (or result) of which is? (outcome of solution and all the you're your clients' lives will be better after working with you) ____________________

You'll only get one chance to make a first impression. Your "elevator speech" presents you and your business in a powerful and compelling way. Articulate your brilliance everywhere and anywhere you go and soon you'll be booking yourself solid!

Stay tuned for Book Yourself Solid Key #6: Simple Selling Magic

Michael Port is the guy to call when you're tired of thinking small and the owner of Michael Port & Associates, the premier marketing and sales strategy consulting firm for professional service providers.

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