Stop Juggling, and Start Achieving! Three Steps to the Top!

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Want more success in your business or professional life? Here's a proven-effective 3-step strategy that will help take you soaring to the top in any endeavor.

There's a lot of "noise" in the business world today about the importance of being able to multi-task, or juggle several tasks simultaneously.

But there's another personal capability that's actually far more important to your ultimate success than multi-tasking -- the ability to focus your mind.

This capability in itself often determines who rises to the top in any business or profession, and who will remain a lower- or mid-echelon multi-tasker.

** Focus = Results
Why is mental focus so much more important that the multi-task juggling game expected of so many business people today? There's a very powerful reason focus is so important, although often rare: Mental focus enables you to actually ACHIEVE A DESIRED END RESULT -- not just juggle to "keep the balls in the air."

Do you think Bill Gates spends his energy multi-tasking? Of course not. He has trained himself to focus on a desired END RESULT -- and direct his resources accordingly. In short ? he developed the ability to FOCUS.

Gates, like all of today's top leaders, got where he is today because of focus! Although he obviously has multiple desired end tasks -- he has disciplined himself to drop all the "balls" to the floor *except* the one he is focused on bringing to completion in that moment.

Sure -- Gates has a staff to delegate to now. But before he built that hugely successful business, he first developed the ability to FOCUS on a single end result and get it achieved!

** First - Stop Juggling
I can hear you mumbling to yourself. "Oh yeah," and how can I just let all those balls drop to the floor while I focus on only one thing?"

Yes, we ARE talking about a "gutsy" approach. It's actually a true test of willpower, mental focus and self-discipline. BUT -- it's also the mark of virtually every top winner in every life arena -- from sports to business.

This approach requires that you look beyond all the balls you are juggling, and determine which must be allowed to fall to the floor for now.

It may even require that you let ALL those "balls" fall to the floor to clear the air. Because your first REAL job is to cut through your multi-tasking stress -- and determine the "end result" that has highest priority.

Notice I used the word "result" -- not tasks. And your next job is to focus, and work on that single most important *RESULT* until it is achieved. Develop this ability - and your value to any organization (including your own business) has just grown beyond comprehension!

** Build Focused Brain Power
If you're determined to move your business or professional life forward, here's a time-proven strategy that works:

First -- Make a list of the END RESULTS you wish to accomplish. Focus on the desired end results, NOT the required tasks.

Second - Prioritize your list in terms of "survival or growth," which ever is currently most critical.

Third - Start at the top of your list, and move down toward the bottom, asking the following questions for each desired end result:

Question #1: What will happen if this is NOT achieved? Is this item in the correct spot on my list? Is some other end result more important to survival/growth?

Question #2. What portion of this end result is MY responsibility? Which of my activities and/or skills has the highest personal excellence value, and will help me achieve this end result?

Question #3. Can someone else achieve this end result better than I can? If so, who? How can I best delegate this?

Question #4: What is the single most valuable use of my time RIGHT NOW?

There is only ONE correct answer to this final question at any given time.

Your ability to determine the single most valuable use of your time, and then focus your personal efforts on the required tasks, is the key to successful personal excellence and results-oriented management.

** The Final Results
Once you've identified the single most important end result at this moment -- your next job is to focus your brainpower on it single-mindedly until it is 100% complete.

Forget the juggling act. Focus and persevere. Discipline yourself until the end result is achieved. Focus and commit to build personal excellence brainpower.

Hard work? Yes!

Rewarding? Most certainly!

By building this ability to set priorities and concentrate on getting results - you will soon develop the habit of high personal achievement and excellence.

And not only will you have the satisfaction of getting results you WILL stand out in any organization, business or industry! This habit alone is certain to guarantee you great success in life.

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The author, Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, is a doctor of psychology, pioneer brain/mind researcher, and former advisor to the Pentagon, a Presidential Commission, and numerous top executives and executive teams.

The author of several books and hundreds of articles, she is also the co-founder of, and the Creative Director of the Self Discovery Community. She can be reached at:

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