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Orlando Vacation Accommodation - Unforgettable Accommodation

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As a family, we have been visiting Orlando since 1998, where we have stayed in numerous hotels on the US192 in Kissimmee. Anyone who has visited Orlando will know that there is never a shortage of affordable and clean accommodation in this area. We decided to spread our wings a little and make the most of our holidays in Florida. So our third trip involved renting a private villa.

Now to some, this may not appeal, but let me tell you something, this is a resource that is not given justice that it deserves. Most are located in small communities along the main areas of Orlando close to Disney World. The first villas we ever heard of were in an area called Lake Buena Vista, but since then have spread rapidly to other popular areas along the US27 and the US192. All are within an easy drive to all the major attractions that Orlando has to offer.

New villas offer more than ever before. Take a look

Some of the communities are gated and so you need to be granted access to enter by vehicle, others are surrounded by a privacy wall but you can drive on and take a look around. You will be amazed at just how beautiful most of these homes are. Ranging from 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms which can usually sleep upto 8 guests, upto 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms which have been known to sleep upto 16 guests. Most of theses villas have private heated swimming pools and quite a few now have a Spa or Hot Tub too. Some also have games rooms which are usually the garage that has been converted, although this does seem a little over the top, I mean, how much time do you intend spending playing games when you have your own pool and the whole of Florida to explore?

Most of them have some sort of conservation area within the community, which just adds to the ambience of the place, it just makes it that much more difficult to leave at the end of your holiday. We remember our first stay in a Villa, our memories are more than fond. From the minute you walk through the front door, you realise this is just the start. How you laugh at yourself for staying in those what now seem inadequate hotels and just wish you had found somewhere like this years earlier.

One of the greatest feelings you get is the feeling of being at home, the kids being able to get away from under your feet and go amuse themselves playing with the things they have just bought. One of the things we have always looked forward to is to be able to have a leisurely meal without having the pressure of having to move on, renting your own home gives you this freedom. By the Pool, in the Nook or more formal at the Dining Room table. How American this all is. From the second you pull on to the drive, you get the sense of being home. No waiting for the bathroom when you are all getting ready to go to the parks for the day, get up, jump in your own shower, dressed and you're away. Luxury Furnishings just add that finishing touch, but it gets better, the pool is cleaned by your very own pool guy, the garden tended to by your very own gardener!

What? That's true, you may be living like an American, but you don't have to work like one. Where else can you enjoy a dip in the pool in the privacy of your own villa? Certainly not in an hotel, shared by the other guests! Dining on the Lanai just adds to the experience, the enclosed Pool Screen stops you having to share your food with others. I could just go on and on?? All I can say is next time, Try it for yourself. It's a World's apart from staying in the hotels you are used to.

Andrew P Moore is the owner and contributing writer of He lives in the UK and now owns his own vacation rental home in Orlando Florida. You can visit his website for details of his villa by visiting Discounts are available for readers of his articles.

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