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Mastering Your Money

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One of the things most of us have old ideas about is money. The best way to change old ideas is to upgrade and take a new look at them. We have to do the same thing with how we think about money. We have to look at it from a different point of view.

Robert Kiyosaki in his best selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, says that money is just an idea. Money is anything you want it to be. If you believe that money is scarce and hard to get than that will be your reality about money. If you believe that we live world where money is abundant than that will be your reality.

Many people use money as a way of protecting themselves from life. They feel that life is out to get them, that the world is a threatening place, and if they don't have enough money they're not going to be safe. And that may be appropriate to a certain degree, but if your entire relationship to money is based on this, it's going to make you very defensive and you'll be living out of a survival mode.

Let's face it money is like air, water , and food you do need it to survive. But in order to be able to live and enjoy your life you have to learn to put money at the service of your own life energy. Then, your money will become an expression of this force which is animating your mind and body. The force that keeps you conscious and alive.

There are four stages of mastering money and organizing money in your life, so that it effectively expresses your life energy. The first stage, of course is making money. At some point in your life, you start making money. You're not born with money. Money comes to you.

So the first phase of money flow, is towards you. Obviously, you can't spend it until you have it. So how do you direct your energy in such a way that it returns to you in the form of money?

We're all born with a certain connection with life itself which flows through us like electricity. It makes our body move and our mind awake. We all have more energy than we will ever need to fulfill our daily survival tasks.

The reason I know this is because if you were in a survival mode right now, you wouldn't be reading this. You'd be out defending yourself or you'd be searching for food or shelter. But the fact that you're sitting here calmly reading this means that you're beyond survival at this point. Survival is handled. This means that you have more energy than you actually need for your survival.

The way you make money is to take some of this surplus energy beyond what you need for yourself and direct it towards the support of someone else. You let the energy flow through you to the other person, thereby enhancing his or her life.

The second stage of mastering money has to do with saving money. When you save money, you are simply taking the energy which has come back to you from people's gratitude and putting it to future use. When you begin to save money you are activating the Law of Attraction, which says that each human being is a living magnet, that we radiate thought energy and invariably attract into our lives the people and circumstances that harmonize with our dominant thoughts. So when you save money, you automatically create the energy to attract more money into your life.

When you save money, you are telling your subconscious mind that you are a valuable person. As you save more money you will have more energy around you. This energy then goes out as service and comes back as gratitude, and then you've got all the money, and energy back in your space. Plus you're still able to produce new services for people from your day-to-day connection with the universe.

In order to save money, you have to be willing to have more energy associated with you. It's not just your day-to-day flow, it's also the returns on your actions from the past. So to save money, you have to be able to accept that it's okay for you to be very energetic, it's okay for you to be associated with more power and light. You must concentrate on this at an internal level in order to prepare the psychic space you'll need to actually have money in the bank.

The third phase of this money and energy cycle is knowing how to spend the money. Because if we don't spend it, it just sits still in our savings account and becomes very static. Money, when it is not moving, doesn't really have any purpose or any value for people. It's just sitting there and it looses its charge and it's energy to a certain extent. And it begins to lose it's value, even though it may be collecting interest.

The fourth and final stage of the money cycle is the action of investing your money. Investing is when you give your energy to someone else's project. You are simply taking your old energy which you have used in the past and lending it to someone else to use and manage for their project. They use your energy and your money to do their work and then when that work succeeds, they give you back your money plus all the benefits, profits, and the dividends of the extra value and energy which they have stimulated by borrowing your power.

Think of it as a kind of mountain that's growing. You're on the top of a mountain. You are the spearhead going up into the sky. Your energy is flowing out into the universe. But you're letting some of it return and accumulate around you and then grow wider and wider until it's like a great pyramid. You will then have a great cone of wealth growing underneath you which will become a very strong pillar of support. This is the energetic picture of healthy money management.

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