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Why do Some People Rake in the Dough while Others Spin Their Wheels to No Avail?

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Here's the truth: I have read hundreds and hundreds of books about personal finances, from the conventional world of financial planning, to the trendy how-to-get-rich programs to the New Age gurus of money.

But here's what's missing from nearly all of them: VERY FEW of them even mention about our relationship with money.

Whether you're aware of it now or not, you have a personal relationship with money: a complex combination of your beliefs, attitudes, energy, history and fears about money AND the healthier your relationship with money is, the more money, success and financial freedom you enjoy.

Successful people have healed and transformed their relationship with money and so can you!

For most people, money has become an enormously high-pressure area of their lives, fraught with negativity, fear and self-defeating beliefs. It's not unlike the way we proceed and react in any relationship ? with a cumulative body of attitudes and experiences that totally shape the way we behave and think. From the time we're very small, the subject of money takes on more and more of this emotional and energetic "baggage" and that becomes the very roadblock that prevents us from creating the financial life we want and deserve.

You see, most of what we learn about money only serves to create more and more pressure around it. In fact, the typical approaches you may have tried before actually drive money away from you by worsening your negative beliefs and attitudes about money.

But right now, today, you can reverse that trend and aim positive cash flow in your own direction.

The thing is, a pure new approach to your relationship with money changes everything. You CAN clear the frustration and limiting energy from your past, and start anew with a bright, unblemished and welcoming field around your money center. Much more than just "positive thinking," the techniques you're about to learn will create a fundamental change in your field of possibility.

YOU Can Transform YOUR Relationship with Money by:

Becoming aware of the power of YOUR beliefs and clear your negative beliefs around money. Make healing your personal relationship with money one of your top priorities in life.

Knowing where you stand financially at all times: Know what your net worth and cash flow is and where your money goes each month.

Identifying what your skills and talents and interests are and find a job or career where you can use them. Explore the possibility of creating a sideline business for one of your hobbies.

Becoming a savvy consumer and develop a plan to reduce your debt. Reduce your expenses so that you generate the cash flow you need to invest in yourself and your dreams.

Creating a game plan for what you want to accomplish financially, set goals, make action plans and go for it. Begin to tap into, harness and apply the power of your mind to make your dreams come true.

A good place to begin is to examine what your parents beliefs were about money and how did those beliefs impact their money. Then look at your own beliefs around money and what you have created in your personal finances. We often hold on to our family's beliefs around money even if they do not serve us...

These ideas are explored in more depth in a book I wrote on Transform YOUR Relationship with Money: A Step-by-Step Guide for Financial Empowerment. For more information, please check out my web site located at

Bill Austin is a spiritual healer and teacher based in St Petersburg FL. He has assisted hundreds of people around the world in gaining the clarity they need to realize more of their full potential. To find out more about his healing practice, please check out his web site at

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