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You Deserve To Retire Early

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The fact is that most people continue to work for a living, because they don't have the means to live without that income. Do not get me wrong. You may enjoy doing what you do. If you do not have to worry about making a living out of this, could you do better, on your own terms?

Perhaps work fewer hours and spend more time with your family? Perhaps choose to take a few days to travel, without worrying about needing to ask for permission. Maybe spend a little time helping out your favorite charity?

There are a great many people who would not go to work, if they did not have to earn a living. Total Financial Freedom is about having that choice. If you quit your job, the organization will not shut down. They will find a replacement to do your job. They will continue their business. However, if you quit working for yourself, nobody will replace you. You owe it to yourself and the ones near and dear to you. When you have the choice, you may still continue to work. The big difference is in knowing that you have a choice.

Sometimes, we get so busy with our work and lives that we forget the potential within. You may be able make a huge difference in your community. You may be able to touch a lot of lives in a way that only you can. If you had the choice, you could explore this possibility. As I have already stated, your net worth is directly in line with the number of lives that you have positively affected.

I could be totally boxed in my profession of software engineering, management etc. I love that side of me. I had to take the time to write this book. I know that this book is going to make a difference in many lives. Why do I know that? I know that, because I firmly believe that I have something to offer. I know that, because I started this work with the steadfast desire to write a book that will have such impact. Above all, I know so, because I prayed that I be the instrument to deliver such a powerful message.

You have a purpose in life. You have tremendous potential. Don't let the power of a paycheck hold you back from becoming all that you can be. You deserve to retire early, so that you may spend your time fulfilling your dreams.

Do you need a Million dollars to retire? Not necessarily. You may choose to retire a lot sooner than that. No, I am not asking you to shrink your dreams. You may still go on to gain wealth far beyond a Million dollars. That is entirely possible. But, when you have made it possible to replace your current income from some other means, you can retire and pursue your dreams full time.

Get out of that bondage. Have the choice. Then do what you choose to. Retire early and enjoy your life.

This is an excerpt from a book titled Totally Financially Free by Vishy Narayanan You are free to use this article in your publication as long as it is not modified and this resource box is included.

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Vishy Narayanan is the author of the now famous book Totally Financially Free. His philosophy is to help others help themselves to a life of wealth and abundance.

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