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Building Your Site With Other Peoples Content--Part 2

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Earlier, I published part 1 of this series, which contained a number of methods for building your site using other people's content. Now, I've come up with a few more ways that you can do this that I wanted to share with you.

It's important to note however that you never want to build your entire site with other people's content. You'll keep visitors on your site--and keep them coming back--by building a relationship with them. To do that, much of your copy must be in your "voice," with your personality. There will be no cohesive voice in your site if you ONLY use other people's content. So be sure to make it a mix.

Now, here are those new methods...


Post a form on your site (or at least a page) that asks people to submit content for your site, whether it's an article, a personal story, tips, or even photographs. It all depends on your niche as to what type of content you want.

But the bottom line is that most people love to see their name in print and will jump at the opportunity to make a contribution. Also, if another website owner comes to your site and sees your invitation, they may take you up on it just to add an incoming link into their site (and to market their site, of course).


Press releases come out every day that may contain newsworthy content you can post on your site. The people who send out press releases WANT them to be posted on other sites, because it gives them the publicity they seek.

You can get started by visiting and searching their archives. Here's how:

1. Visit & click on their Search Archives tab.

2. Type your keywords into the box and click the Search button.

3. Review the many press releases until you find a few that fit your niche and your needs for your site.

Cut and paste the press release into a web page for your site. Be sure to include the contact details in clickable format.


In the last article, we discussed finding articles you like in various article banks, such as Take that one step further. When you find an author whose work you like, write to the author and ask them if they have any other articles you might use on your site.

The author will often be thrilled to have an opportunity to be published on your site, and may even send you a whole series of articles on your niche topic.

That's it for this time!

Kathi MacNaughton is a web entrepreneur and freelance writer, as well as a mentor for the Nitro Incubator program. To learn more, visit

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