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How I Became An Platnium Member in One-Hour Flat & How You Can Too

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[Disclosure: I went into very innocently. I knew that I had 10 free submissions, and my personal time was very limited. Therefore, my goal was to submit as many articles as possible at one time. When I had nine articles, I knew it was time to logon. I really didn't think about being "judged" by these nine articles.

Now that I know what an honor it is to be a Platinum member with unlimited submissions, priority publishing, specialized client services, etc., I do not want any aspiring website, blog, or ezine publisher to take their submissions to lightly. Please note that I may have experienced some luck, as Chris and I were working at the same exact time. I also have a prolific freelance writing career for over 10 years. Therefore, I do not guarantee similar results. Ultimately, it is your content that will sell.]

Okay, so here it goes: How I Became An Platinum Member in One-Hour Flat & How You Can Too.

  • Research where you want to be.

  • I looked at other Platinum members and noticed that their articles ranged between 600-800 words. Phew...all of mine where right in that range.

    While you're allowed to submit articles between 200-4000 words, I may push the limits now, but for my first 10--no way.

  • Give credit where it's due.

  • In the submission form you're asked who referred you. So, don't leave it blank. My answer was EzineQueen.

  • Read The Editorial Guideline clearfully, and edit accordingly.

  • Your article's format is like your clothes, it's the first thing Chris will see. Impress him.

    Use white space, and keep your words clean, tight and neat. [ See ]

  • Make your 10 free submission your best articles.

  • Quality content means: Originality, timeliness, resourcefulness, inspirational, fun, punchy, snappy, personable, and with your own "Sabra Spunk". Personality counts.

    For example, I sent my timely Vioxx article, original The Meaning of "Ponn" article, resourceful Leads, Referrals & Recommendations article, and inspirational I Don't Believe in Failures. Catch my drift?

    Read the "Articles Should/Should Not" lists. Don't upset or offend the busy guy (I've been an editor before, and with the number of articles Chris gets I don't know how he does it. I'd delete a submission if these basic rules were violated).

  • Find a happy medium.

  • In your resource box you get 1-5 lines. I notice some authors with nothing (dum-dums...lost opporunities) and others stuff their 5 sentences (show-offs...who cares!?)

    I picked a happy 3. Here's mine:

    ? Who am I?

    Ponn M. Sabra, MPH is the Author of "Empowering Women to Power Network"

    ? Call to Action. What the reader should do?

    To learn more about her book and sign-up for FREE tips, articles and resources, visit her at

    ? Why me? Nothing too flashy or long-winded.

    Ponn is profiled in Marquis' Who's Who of America and Who's Who of American Women.

  • Submit articles in a specific order.

  • I started with the most general "business" and "self-improvement/success" articles. Then, I submitted my niche articles: "business/entrepreneurs", and "women's interest". By the time I submitted #6, all my articles went live and my status changed to Platinum.

    It worked for me. I don't know if Chris noticed, but I sure did. So, give it a try.

    [Interestingly, My Article Report shows that my niche articles are getting the most hits.

    WooHoo...this means people need me and my content ;-) ][Stick to your keywords and phrases.]

  • Keep your copyrights. List it on the bottom.

  • Whenever I see (C) I say, "Hey, this chick is watching her back". Even though there are reprint guidelines for each online article submission portal like, putting it directly in your article guarantees that the copyright stays with you--always.

    I can't speak for Chris if this was a consideration or not; but for me, (C) signifies a more professional writer/author.

  • Maintenance. Now, I have to stay here.

  • Here's my plan:

    ? Active submissions,

    ? Active recommendations to, and

    ? Actively reading his ezine and autoresponders so I apply his fabulous tips.

    He gave a great tip in a Post Script, and he knows I catched it. Pay attention, and apply what works.

    Oh, and please read his Highlighted: Article Marketing Tips. These are all tips to help you get more articles published and generate more traffic. So, give the guy a break and don't make these silly time-consuming mistakes. I've made a couple so far, but you can bet your bottom I'm not going to do it again. I want to stay right where I am.

    All of these steps took me a few minutes to complete, and the remainder of my time was dedicated to actually submitting the articles.

    No doubt, that was the single-best hour I spent in my online business career. I hope its yours as well!

    © 2006Ponn M. Sabra, MPH

    [Note to readers: If I helped you in anyway through this article, please let our readers (and Chris) know by ranking this article below. Much thanks. To your success, Ponn]

    Ponn M. Sabra, MPH is the Author of "Empowering Women to Power Network". To learn more about her book and sign-up for FREE tips, articles and resources, visit her at . Ponn is profiled in Marquis' Who's Who of America and Who's Who of American Women.

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