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How to Be An Expert In Your Field

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One of the most tried and true methods of self-promotion is writing and submitting articles in your field of expertise. If you're having trouble attracting new clients or visitors to your site then start with submitting expert articles to various websites and publications. It's fairly simple and best of all it's an affordable way to promote your business.

The first step you should want to take is to investigate how others have accomplished this task. There are thousands of web sites available for your research. Some of which have companion print newsletters that may also publish your article. You can start with your favorite search engine such as or try to learn more about submitting your article.

Once you've got a general idea of the types of articles that may spark the interest of your potential customer, you must start writing your own. Make sure your article helps your prospects solve a problem. It should be easy to follow and it goes without saying it should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

There are many ways you can approach writing expert articles. After all, you did take some time looking at some well-written ones before so you know how it's done. Right? In other words, there isn't any one way to write your article but you can adhere to the following format until you get your bearings.

Try starting with a three-part article that contains around 300 - 500 words. This is simple and easy way to begin and your readers will enjoy fast solutions to their problems. In the first part of your article, you should clearly state an issue or concern of your readers. You should also state how this unresolved issue would negatively affect their lives, businesses, or relationships etc. You can complete this section within one paragraph to two paragraphs.

The second part of your article should include one to five solutions to the stated problem. You can offer advice, references to helpful websites, or a step-by-step approach. Use your imagination to offer the best solution. More often than not there will be several effective ways to solve your readers' problem. It's important to note that if there are links within your article that you check with your targeted publications to see what rules they have in regards to web addresses, particularly e-zine sites. They may have restrictions against including affiliate links or more than a certain number of links within one article.

Finally, finish your article with a basic overview of what you've written. Also, state how your proposed solutions will positively help your readers. Be sure to include a byline at the end of your article, which should include your name, copyright information, and your web or e-mail address.

After you've completed your article, submit it to various e-zine or publications of your choice. By establishing yourself in your respective industry, you build a rapport with potential customers and visitors.

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